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It Happened One Night (1934) VHS Hi-Fi 86 synced to UHD
Blah-ray covered this back in 2016 but didn't post any charts. I haven't listened to the Criterion disc, but the UHD audio sounds more or less the same as the Sony Blu-ray. I also haven't listened to either of the LDs with digital tracks (US or JPN) so one of them might be better but they are also much later releases (94 and 96). If anyone has these, I'd love to give them a listen. If neither is better, I'll source a better/new copy of this on VHS and rerip. But for now, I think some might like this as is since it's such a huge departure from other releases.

I'm not sure if my VHS copy was damaged, or the overall transfer has issues, but it had tons of random clicks/pops and starting at around 9min, an audible hum was present through the rest of the movie. I was able to clean all of this up in Izotope RX extremely well, much better than I had expected, and synced it to the UHD release.


Example of clicks/pop cleanup:
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , xwmario , captainsolo , Stamper , axeyou
Moshrom and I talked about this when I sent him my LD capture. The LD is compromised a bit by being the same sort of patchwork affair and seems to be the source that has been continually retweaked over the years. Some places it sounds better others not so good.

I’m excited to check this capture out. I’ve only captured the old tape of Lost Horizon which had maybe a bit or two that was better slightly.
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