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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) [ID7609IV] synced to BD
Bit-perfect capture 16/44.1

Converted to 16/48 with r8brain before editing/syncing. Final output 16/48.

This was a very tricky sync. There seemed to be some timing differences with music, sound fx, and ADR (which is most of the dialog in this film) between the LD audio and the 5.1mix. My main goal was to get the human dialog synced perfectly to the BD 5.1 audio.

PM for link, would also love feedback!

Thanks given by: Falcon , TheLoon , Kreeper
Good job, even if I would have suggested leaving it at 16 44.1, and giving people the choice to resample or not Smile
And avoiding stretching the audio even if there are length differences.
How does the track compare to the 5.1?
Thanks given by: onlysleeping23
I’ll keep that in mind for the future!

I didn’t stretch any audio, or make any speed manipulations. Just made edits and patched them up.

I also moved the opening logo music slightly to time better with the new line logo as opposed to replacing it or leaving silent.

I would say the original mix sounds more visceral and in-your-face. I feel like some segments either had missing, or just way toned down fx on the 5.1.

Still trying to hunt my original dvd to compare to the 2ch ac3 on there.
Thanks given by:

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