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The Beach (2000) Danny Boyle
Hey folks,

I'm new to the forum, my English is a bit rusted but I hope you welcome me Smile 

I'm a huge, huge fan of Danny Boyle's "The Beach" and since there's no HD release
in any sight, I'm curious what to do. The VOD releases are OK, the spanish bootleg
(using the same data) is OK, but somehow this movie feels completely lost and the
beautiful images by Darius Khondji deserve a proper release.

One time someone sold a never-used 35mm copy of the movie on ebay, but it
ended above my price limit.
I'm a filmmaker myself, so I know what I had to do with the material, but costs are endless...

Hope you're as much frustrated as me Cry Big Grin 
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It's been released on BluRay.
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Not legally it hasn't
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alleycat has a pretty great project for The Beach
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(2024-03-18, 09:22 AM)dvdmike Wrote: Not legally it hasn't
Didn't know that.
Thanks given by: dvdmike

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