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Planet of the Apes sequels (1970-1973) audio collection
Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

While you might expect the story for the lower-budget sequel, Beneath, to be a bit more straightforward, it has its own quite complicated history. True, the theatrical release was only ever mono, and again this original mix only survived until the earliest days of home video. However, it appears that a true stereo mix also exists for this film - I'll come back to that shortly.

Theatrical mono

[Image: AMSdc3U.jpeg]

As with the first film, the mono soundtrack heard on this instalment's theatrical release only stuck around as far as the very first VHS and laserdisc releases. For my BD-synced preservation, I've used the PAL CBS-Fox laser from 1983 (1013-70) - it's clear and detailed, unlike the equivalent 'mono' on the Blu-ray. Once again, this is the most authentic option.

Pre-release stereo

[Image: ne2N8IX.jpeg]

I need to skip ahead a bit release-wise now. While researching these tracks, I happened upon some forum posts from the sound engineer who mixed Beneath for the initial (2000) DVD release. He confirmed that there had most definitely been a 4-track mix made during this film's initial post production, and (unlike any that might have existed for the original film) these elements survived, in the form of 4-track 35mm mag. This master formed the basis for the Dolby Surround track on that 2000 DVD, making it the rare case of an original mix preserved in excellent quality - and it sounds terrific. Many thanks to @Stamper for helping source this one for my BD sync project!

Chace stereo

I don't currently own a laserdisc copy of this mid-80s mix, only VHS, so I haven't synced it for now. We're not missing much - it's even worse than the Chace remix for Planet, with similarly artificial steering and some elements actually missing. That said, if anyone has the SWE LD (1013-80) and would like to hear it synced, do send it my way.

When the whole series was rereleased on DVD in 2006 (including new anamorphic transfers), Beneath received a 'new' 5.1 track. Predictably, this was closer to the Chace mix than anything else, with variable balance and missing effects. The Blu-ray version goes some way to re-balancing everything, but the quality (on both the 5.1 and folded-down mono) is surprisingly dull. Once again, the laserdisc and DVD tracks are the way to go.
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , PDB , Stamper , HippieDalek
Coming soon: Escape from the Planet of the Apes!
Thanks given by: PDB
Coming soon: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes!
Thanks given by: Stamper
Coming soon: Battle for the Planet of the Apes!
Thanks given by: Stamper
That 5.1 mix on the Blu Ray is possibly the worst remix I've ever heard. There was a scene where Brent & Nova explore the underground caverns - before any dialogue begins - there are sound effects of water trickling - which they looped and played repeatedly in the rear speakers for the entire length of the scene - and you can clearly hear THE HARD CUTS to the sound effect each time the loop begins again. Just awful.
Thanks given by: jonno
Sounds about right. This film seems to attract bad judgement, for some reason!
Thanks given by:
Hi jonno!

Thanks a lot for this great effort!

Do you think the 1982 JP LD is worth it?

Are you able to capture it? If you're interested, I could try to get it to you.
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Doing a bit of a resarch now, I saw there was a 1999 THX LD release with PCM mono, since the THX DVD with the 2.0 track came just a year later, it's a good bet this could be the DVD track in PCM.
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