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[Released] Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - US 2011 Disney Blu-ray Japanese Audio [Patched]
[Image: 10049_slip.jpg]

The film has had a spotty history in regards to its audio mix.
Many earlier analogue releases sounded quite mixed (no pun intended) compared to the 2003 DVD release. Particularly the Japanese and Taiwanese releases, which were in a full fat 384 kbps for 2.0 dual-mono.
The earlier VHS and LaserDisc releases often had the audio mix tampered with, but the 2003 DVD, while lossy, still presented the audio as closest to the original magnetic mono source as possible, and had a healthy bitrate of 384kbps for dual-mono.
The Blu-ray releases sounded even worse than the analogue releases, as seen here. With heavy amounts of hiss and bass reduction making the audio sound duller compared to past releases. With one exception, that is the US 2011 Disney Blu-ray, and even that has its own problems.
Even though it is shockingly close to the 2003 DVD's audio mix, the volume is overall reduced, so that the noise would not be as audible. At around the 0:23:35 mark, the music should stop but it continues on in the Disney Blu-ray, probably as the intended silence makes the noise more audible. And near the end, additional music plays over extended English credits, with some of the additional music overlapping with the original.

This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix the 2011 Disney Blu-ray's Japanese audio track. Even when I am a novice who is mostly self-taught mixed with a bit of audio stuff experience from a friend. Basically recreate a (mostly) lossless version of the 2003 DVD mix, or a patched and better version of the 2011 Disney Blu-ray mix.
I first converted the Taiwanese DVD and the Disney Blu-ray's audio tracks to WAV. I then applied batch volume normalisation for them through Wavosaur. After this, the audio patterns between both versions are almost 1:1.
After that, I then went to Audacity to sync up the audio by the sample pattern in the two sections that need patching (the 23-minute mark and the ending).
Since the DVD and Blu-ray syncs are not 1:1, I had to zoom in on Audacity and sync the audio tracks by the sample pattern. Even though this is the first time I edited per sample, it was entirely an on-the-fly decision. And I was originally planning on doing a sloppier job.
I split the audio clips for the two sections, and then moved the section from the 2003 DVD mix to the 2011 Disney Blu-ray mix for both of them.
I exported the audio in both 2.0 dual-mono (like most releases) and a 1.0 mix (which I usually prefer for mono tracks).
Surprisingly, despite some self-doubt inside of me, I managed to find this job easy and educational.

I merely did this to learn more about audio engineering, and to finally give one of my favourite films of all time the audio mix it truly deserves.
Please feel free to PM me if you want the audio.

This is synced up to the Japanese BDs.
[Image: 118946.png?1673149411]
Thanks given by: PDB , stwd4nder2 , pauman , xwmario , NeonBible

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