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[Released] Fight Club (1999) Cinema DTS synced to Remastered AVC BD(s)
not synced by me, but the person who gave me the file said it would be okay to post it here, so i assume there won't be a problem. thanks to the other member from here who synced it!

it'll sync with all blurays that aren't encoded in VC-1 (those are the ones with 7.1, 6.1 and 2.0 audio)


[Image: pZOKFx6.png][Image: TvLFNv9.png][Image: 21EZlsg.png]
[Image: KgDHylV.png][Image: QbQ53YD.png][Image: GgbmDMV.png]
[Image: kwLRRMd.png][Image: odVD4TP.png][Image: ZuSLMz9.png]

the file has been upsampled from 44.1khz -> 48khz for compatibility reasons

PM for access
"The first rule about this DTS Cinema audio is, you do not talk about this audio mix."
Regardless, thanks for the post which replaces the near-fielded DTS-HD MA mix from the Blu-ray!
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thanks kiyoakiwah, if anyone is intereted i can provide the 2.0 stereo from the 2002 R1-DVD synced with the AVC release.
the man with no name!
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(2024-06-22, 03:50 PM)pauman Wrote: if anyone is intereted i can provide the 2.0 stereo from the 2002 R1-DVD synced with the AVC release.

the 2.0 mix you're referring to is actually dolby surround, which is matrixed 4.0 surround sound in a 2.0 container. it's present on the US BD aswell and it should be in its best form on laserdisc where it's in digital PCM. i don't know if it really counts as standard stereo

the only "stereo" mixes that exist are the E-AC3 2.0 from amazon, MP2 2.0 from D-VHS and DTS 2.0 from the VC-1 blurays, though my untrained ears can't tell if they're matrixed (?) or downmixes. the DTS definitely sounds the most different, it's loud and the background noise sounds clearer

also you're welcome guys!
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i updated the post with a comparison for those who are curious about the differences!
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just in case anyone's interested, i'll also leave this here in the comments:

DTS (VC1 BD) - MP2 (D-VHS) - E-AC3 (AMZN)

[Image: ERTy7jv.png][Image: msdLjod.png][Image: A7jrruH.png]
[Image: tud092H.png][Image: o6x2uJy.png][Image: Gdpx9Nl.png]
[Image: L70CkiC.png][Image: cCxjeUc.png][Image: wwp2T1S.png]

these seem far more interesting to me than the 5.1 which is pretty consisent with small differences all around the board
and now i see why the bluray 2.0 sounds like that.. and it's very dissapointing to see.

out of curiousity i also checked out the 7.1 mix which doesn't impress either
[Image: ldmlv2t.png][Image: CsrfA2J.png][Image: xpF6d9T.png]
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2
I finally listened to the Cinema DTS last night. For the first time since the theatre, that mid-air collision made me jump out of my seat (which was pretty special since I was expecting it too!)
Thanks once again.
Thanks given by: kiyoakiwah , ActWatchBD

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