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[Proposal] Die Hard 2 - colour grading
I was reading up on some discussions about Die Hard 2's colour grading at blu-ray.com which seems to have varied over different releases over the years. 

Look at the shots of the church during daylight here

and these


So I'm trying to determine which one is correct?


I do have a very good copy of this Die Hard 2 rental VHS (and the reatil version) (censored BBFC '15' version) which a friend of mine had converted to DVD professionally for his web series on censorship (something i work on with him time to time) and what i found interesting is that it opens with the cinema BBFC classification slide (which was different for VHS releases) meaning that it was 'possibly' telecined directly from a UK print (because of all the edits to the film). I have seen a 35mm print of it some years ago but can't remember how it looked now.

Now sadly I don't have the means or knowledge to take this project on but more than happy to assist with reasearch and sourcing of materials.
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Cutting edge series?
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Looks like a good project to me. I do like the bluer look of the older DVD, although I do wonder how accurate that is. I'll have to check the THX and widescreen laserdisc master to see if it is the same.
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My French laserdisc is sourced on a theatrical print. I can capture it if that helps.
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Love to see it to compare waterslides
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only issue I have with this is the movie itself lol
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I like it.

I would never say its the best Die Hard movie. 3 is much better and 1 is one of the greatest action films ever made. But it is a fun watch and has its charm. Far better then 4 and 5. At least this was a time when Willis still cared.
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PDB you just exactly described what I think about these movies!
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I love die hard 2 it's great fun with a much harder edge.
Also it's fun to remember that this was the biggest budget film at the time, and now he directs stuff like Skiptrace
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(2017-06-16, 07:01 PM)dvdmike Wrote: Cutting edge series?

That's the one
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