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Terminator (1984) stereo track reconstruction
EDIT BY ADMIN: posts moved from this thread: https://fanrestore.com/thread-1376.html

Ronster Wrote:There is Music missing from the final monologue of Sarah Connor in the Jeep going through the Desert. It is present on the french mix or dub.

The trailer music that  has never been released I think goes with the infiltrator Terminator in the future (Bunker shoot out) but it blends into the main terminator theme at the end (as it has the rhythm underneath) and cut's as Reese flys through the air segwaying into the existing music. I am going to try this out but anyway doubtful at this time. But this is my instincts.

The gun shop scene has also missing music

Is the music missing on the french track too? There are two english mono tracks so it may be the music is on one of them.
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(2018-04-19, 06:54 AM)Stamper Wrote: Is the music missing on the french track too? There are two english mono tracks so it may be the music is on one of them.

The only one I know of on the french track is the end monologue music.

Any other music, what I am saying is there is music for those parts and it is either deleted / unused or was left out by accident. Until I try them with the footage it is hard to say if the music will fit.

Brad Fiedel did use Cues though and not generic music. It has proper start and end cues the music.

The hardest one will be the infiltrator music... On the definitive edition soundtrack you can here a similarity between the music from the trailer and the "Future Flashback" song but much of the music in the definitive edition is not the same tracks that are in the film.

The Remastered soundtrack (2016) does include more proper cues from the film but not all. For instance the The Escape from the police station music has also never been released as it is in the film. The music from the trailer which to me sounds like the proper final rendition of what "Future Flashback" should actually include is again one of those never released before tracks. The only place you can hear it is in the trailer.
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after looking at the Gun store missing music my conclusion is that the music was produced in stereo but in the instance of the gun store either only the left or right channel made it into the film. So I am putting this down as an error because the Gun store does have music but it's missing sound.

So this might explain absence of monologue music at the end also.

That means the soundtrack needs to be compared with the film for missing sound but generally listening to it, It could be the case that this only happens on those couple of instances.

But also what people might be classing as alternate takes might be the actual full soundtrack and are wrongly classed alternate if the mix down from stereo was not done correctly or they purposefully decided to only use one channel.
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(2018-04-21, 10:30 AM)Stamper Wrote: Your posts are just confusing. None of the soundtracks except maybe the original one represents the music as in the film.
When mixing the film in mono, they had to take out many tracks so that some space remains for the dialogue and foleys.
Missing music like the ending when Sarah drives the jeep before she stops at the gas station is actually there, only mixed low.
Some tracks like the police precinct massacre were disabled to let room for the sound of violence, and for artistic reasons (the theme at the end of the scene on the OSTs is just totally off and ruins the track).
Both the Definite Edition and the new version of the OST are remixes. They aren't supposed to match the soundtrack of the film, except in broad strokes.

That is not true you can bounce tracks down if needed. All this nonsense about having to make space for stuff?

I can see how you can be confused... I just told you it was exactly the same music but it had missing sound. It's not to hard to understand.

No it's mixed pretty much inaudible and that is an error. It actually pops in a bit louder for a bit before it disappears the monologue music at the end. It's not artistic it is unfortunately a problem. I don't expect you to misunderstand this post but you never know....

What ever they did they messed it up a bit in a few places.
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If you wanna hear it as it sounds in the movie, this video is the one that gets it the closest. Drums are still present, but the sound effects aren't.

Skip to 3:00

There's a lot of cover versions floating around on YT as well, but obviously none of them come close.
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Ok sorry for that Stamper, I always look beyond what is actually in a film and break it down into it's various elements.

I don't want to derail this thread away from what Terminator is meant to look like and go off on one about what it is meant to sound like... Yeah the police station music has never been released, The end of the track on the definitive soundtrack has the drums. The track in the film might have been put together at the last minute?

Anyway aside from this there is a track also called "Future Remembered" which is an alternate to "Future Flashback" it has a very nice ambient part at the end. I used this (end part) for when Reese Drives off after he awakes from his nightmare.

I really struggled to pull the trailer music out It was very choppy and it's not salvageable to make a decent recreation of it. I would have loved to be able to isolate it but it's sadly out of reach unless I could get very inventive.

The part that really bugs me is the infiltrator music "future Flashback". at the end It has one music track on the left and a different one on the right channel!!! So what was it meant to be? That is a big mystery....

But the soundtrack is definitely worth discussion and I think perhaps we have mostly covered it already now.
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Ronster, if I well understood, it could be possible to build up a stereo track, or, at least, a custom isolated score.
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(2018-04-22, 10:31 AM)spoRv Wrote: Ronster, if I well understood, it could be possible to build up a stereo track?

Already Well underway....

I don't see much point in creating a thread now because we have basically more or less covered it apart from this bit, But I felt it was a decent excuse to also show you the look I am getting from the Hemdale DVD after a bit of Tweaking. So I'll bring it back on track with visuals but also try and show you what I have in mind for a Stereo Track or a fixed mono track that is far better than the 5.1 mix.

The Future Remembered


Ok so it was Color Graded (Corrected?)
Fixed Stuttering Audio when the Hunter Killer fly's over
Restored Music Cue
Added Missing Laser sounds for Hunter Killer attack craft (I found a sound that resembles the original Hunter Killer Lasers not Terminator 2 sounds added in the Special Edition)
Added Ambiance (Future Remembered) - Can put this one in the as optional category but I like it.

Anyway hope you enjoy it for what it is a sort of "if only the Special edition had been like this"  and kept it more similar to the original but went about fixing the some of the short comings. Small touch.

Having looked a bit more the car engine sounds are missing also from the chase.
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(2018-04-23, 12:06 PM)Ronster Wrote: I don't see much point in creating a thread now because we have basically more or less covered it apart from this bit

I moved the posts related to audio in this new thead, so to not derail the color grading thread, and mostly because there could be more than few interested in the Terminator audio, and it will be easier to find out info if gathered in a proper thread.

If you think title should be changed, please let me know!
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Nice maybe you should start the thread with a Ronster post and not mine since the idea is his!
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