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Robotech the movie (1986) Fan restoration project
Hello everyone, you may have heard or seen some of my posts arround the net (specificaly places like OT.com/Original Trillogy.com)
Just a small introduction to myself before the project, Hello, my name is Kalhi, in a 19 yearold video editor, i enjoy attempting to restore films that the public just dont have access to, and for the past 3 years ive been gathering materials to remaster the little known ROBOTECH THE MOVIE.

Only released (test marketed) in the bally-view Metroplex mall, Tx in 1986, Given an extremely small Home video release (argentinian VHS release, UK VHS release, a Netherlands Laserdisc release, and (only one copy known) US Screener copy.
The film was never given any modern release, besides a chopped up Workprint that was edited to remove megazone content, and added to the bonus disc of the A&E Robotech dvd set.

The film quietly and quickly dissipated as it was overshadowed by other films, such as Transformers the movie, and pirates.

The film was a re-edit of the Japanese OVA Megazone 23, witch was released the previous year in 85', and the Japanese TV Series, Super dimension cavalry Southern cross, witch made up the second generation of the robotech TV series.

there's a little backstory for thoes of you who are unaware of the film.

Over the past years i have gathered all material needed to rebuild the film from the ground up, finding myself (thanks to a freind) an actual tape copy (i originaly bought a bootleg of the film for 50$), i bought Megazone 23 on Laserdisc, as well as its sequel and its sequel's english dub (the entire cast from robotech the movie reprised their roles for it) and the animation that was commissioned for the film (CANNON PICTURES, the film's distributors, thought the film had quite the dark ending, as the main character basically looses the flight) so a new ending was commissioned, around 11 minuets of animation, giving the film a more lighthearted ending) 
I also grabbed Southern cross on DVD, Megazone 23 on DVD and everything else needed, and started to work on the film, sadly my harddrive and PC died, so i had to start it all over again, a year+ later i now own alot more, Animation refference sheets, Soundtrack releases, and promotional mateiral (all used as extras) aswell as the original cut of the film (a 10 min Work in progress version of the film, witch harmony gold showed off in 1986 at their GALAXY OF THE STARS event, where the movie and the robotech's sequal series 'Sentinels" where anounced), that very early workprint surfaced in the early days of youtube, now i own a copy of the original master tape, that will be added as a bonus along with original television spots and such) basicly ive come here to see if youguys are interested in seeing this project finished and released, aswell as the idea of donating to alow me to finish the project, since the southern cross boxset i own was remastered lousily, with over exadurated colors (mostly blue) and a very blury image quality, i need to get my hands on the original japanese boxset witch wasent remastered, it was taken from the original broadcast masters, witch are of higher quality, and have more natural colors, this film has been a strange intrest of mine, so weird that a film would be worked on for months, and then just vanish all of a sudden with little to no fanfare.

sorry if the text is so dense, thought id give an indepth look at the restoration progress and the effort needed.
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Sounds interesting. Didn’t know the history of robotech the movie. Good luck with the project.
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I was thinking of doing a high-definition version myself at some point later on. First, though, I gotta take care of my own baggage, make sure it's properly sorted, so to speak.
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(2018-07-08, 07:18 PM)Koopa Luath Wrote: Until then, Feallan definitely won't let me make threads for my own projects, and I've got a few of them waiting to be made for release this fall, including a couple of Three Stooges compilations.

This is not the place for these comments
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Interesting. Did you come to look for help from others to finish this or help from others in the way of their money to finish this? It sounds like you have all you need but I didn't really get an understanding of where exactly you are after the hd/pc crash and/or what you're after to move forward.

I wish you well with this project.
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(2018-07-12, 11:54 PM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Interesting.  Did you come to look for help from others to finish this or help from others in the way of their money to finish this?  It sounds like you have all you need but I didn't really get an understanding of where exactly you are after the hd/pc crash and/or what you're after to move forward.

I wish you well with this project.

no, i can complete the film by myself, i came here asking if people would be interested in seeing the project released and seeing a physical (small distribution) of physical copies, aswell as to help chip in with getting the last piece needed to finish the film, witch the the japanese reigon 2 Southern Cross perfect collection, basicly i an unable to finish editing the film on this PC, ence why im having a new pc built for vido editing and rendering.
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Hey guys, massive update!
ive gotten my handso n the film on both Laserdisc and VHS, ive gotten a laserdisc unit aswel (NTSC only) And made a discovery about the megazone LD releases, they have a voiceless track 
that will come in handy when re-mixing the audio to 5.1, along with theADV 5.1 ver,
I have also opened a paypal.me for donations and contributions towards the project.
any donations are welcome 
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