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Need advice on location changes in the movie
I'm working on a fanres of a movie.
IMO, they were giving locations (ie. New York, USA), etc. whenever the characters traveled.
It seems like they were very specific for some scenes, then forgot to do it for later, and then just quit.
I am seeking to create more cohesiveness, and establish a "rule" to follow, so then I can know which locations to name when they go there.
Do you have any tips, suggestions for how I could create a general rule to follow for just how many locations I add as text on the screen?
There was a movie, Vantage Point (2008), that had a ticking timer counting down, and it just became too much, and monotonous, the audience started laughing every time the timer came on screen.
...So, I don't want to go that far.
Utilizing it too much will become annoying, acting as if the audience is very dumb, and cannot follow.. so I don't want to do that.
This movie is very international, so I was thinking "only when they change continents"... like a Bond movie would. But that might not be enough,.. there's a ton of location changes. So, I'm not sure.
Any help, guidance is appreciated!
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