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[Idea] UTOPIA Open-Matte
Hey guys. It is the first time I post here, so please forgive me if I say something dumb or if someone else already had this idea.

So, let me tell you how did I come to have this idea: While browsing around the web, me and a friend found a Spanish dub version of UTOPIA (we are mexicans, so we found it interesting), but I noticed something interesting: It was Open-Matte. Checking the Blu-Ray and the video files we had, we noticed it was not the case for the original version of it.
So, my idea was to mount the english audio on the Open-Matte spanish video. Problem is, the Spanish broadcast has cut scenes, so, it's not that simple.
I guess it'd be still possible to do by putting the spanish and english scenes together so nothing gets lost, but it'd imply to have multiple aspect ratios in one file, which might be annoying to some people.
Also, because most of the spanish broadcast apisodes are in 720p, they'd have to be upscaled to match the BRRip version, and also, they'll have to be edited to remove the channel's logo.

This is no more than a early stage idea, and I just wanted to share it with you to see if you'd like to see this project done.
And, of course, any help wuld be received gladly, for as I'm not an expert when it comes to fan edit, but even without help, I think I can do something.

Thanks a lot for reading.
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There are various movies with the same title... which is this one? A link to the related imdb page will be appreciated!
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(2018-11-19, 03:51 AM)spoRv Wrote: There are various movies with the same title... which is this one? A link to the related imdb page will be appreciated!

You're right! I'm sorry. I was talking about the TV Series: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2384811/
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Oh, my God! I love Utopia, it's a beautiful series! The Blu-rays are in stereo, while the HDTV have 5.1 audio. How does the Spanish version fare?
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