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[versions] random full frame film cells
We all know that there are movies shot in full frame, and showed in theaters in letterbox - as well as released in home video with the same letterbox, or, sometimes, in open matte - but sometimes final prints, instead of anamorphic, are full frame as well! It will be great to have some of them scanned, as the film full frame is... well, full? Happy

True Lies
[Image: c3732a5bc0d549d0e68851484846b705.jpg]

[Image: f6013fd0ba0a7943fb5363abf48baa0b.jpg]

[Image: a32adb6ed3326ea6e9761f2a6f0a4bf5.jpg]

[Image: ffdf1f910a3c8dce1de64fca3342512d.jpg]
[Image: 03a5a44518870f2187089f572d2d1324.jpg]

Comparison with home versions

True Lies - film cell Vs 1.33:1 TV capture
[Image: TL-cell-Vs-TV.jpg]

Terminator - film cells Vs 1.66:1 Japanese laserdisc
[Image: T1-cell-Vs-LDJP-2.jpg][Image: T1-cell-Vs-LDJP.jpg]

Predator - film cells Vs 1.33:1 DVD
[Image: P1-cell-Vs-TV.jpg]
[Image: P1-cell-Vs-TV-2.jpg]

Do you see how much is lost? Sure, the whole frames were not intended to be seen by us, "mere" mortals (read: director's composition and such...) but hey, if they are available somehow, why can't we have a chance to see them?

Other cells ill follow ; too lazy to make further comparisons with home media, though, so I'll leave them to you! Wink
Thanks given by: Colek , bronan , nafroe , AsciugaMan
Total Recall (1990)
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Starship Troopers:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Back to the Future 2:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Batman Forever:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

The Fast and the Furious:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Alien: Resurrection:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Men in Black:
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]
Thanks given by: Colek
[Image: ae6625a6e396e78f6ba276d8187a1151.jpg]

Batman Returns:
[Image: bff9459289a61d50a23cb56e1c08656b.jpg]

Batman Forever:
[Image: 95c572cc8e775e2502fefca2d447e353.jpg]

Batman and Robin:
[Image: 7034c9fac0bd5629ce7ab1f6076b2a63.jpg]

[Image: 6ec528b7a2dc4118e6c291d57f9447d5.jpg]
Thanks given by: Colek , Atreyo
Thanks for sharing. It's quite sad we will never get to see most of them like this.
Thanks given by:
Well, the more are aware, the more chances we'll have to grab some of them!
Thanks given by:
IIRC, didn't Predator have a mix of hard matted talking shots and full aperture for FX and non talking ones like the above?
Thanks given by:
I know where you can get 4K scans from all these films, but the price is not small, an average of $ 1500 per film.
Thanks given by:
Main problem would not be the scan cost, but to find out those full frame films...
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(2019-01-05, 02:03 PM)spoRv Wrote: Main problem would not be the scan cost, but to find out those full frame films...

I think this is not a problem, merchants can always look at the material and take a couple of film shots for comparison, because they don’t want money for it, I was interested in this moment.
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Funny enough, this listing for a 35mm print of Dirty Dancing is open matte and there is clearly a lot of picture info

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