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Christine (1983) Original Stereo PCM
I recently bought the UK BD of Christine released by Indicator. This is the only BD release I know of that includes the original Stereo mix, let alone uncompressed. All the US releases seem to only include the 5.1 remix and I'm not sure what sfx were changed or altered but I'm sure there are some. Anyhow, All that needs done is syncing to whatever release you want to apply this track to... In my case the 4K UHD release. I demuxed the original stereo and it is available upon PM. Thanx.
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I was under the impression the US 4K UHD from Sony already contained the original Dolby Stereo mix, encoded as a DTS-HD MA 2.0 stereo track. At least that's what was implied over at the Blu-ray forum.
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The UHD does include a 2 0 DTS-HD track but I never saw it confirmed to be the original theatrical mix. Could be a 5.1 or 7.1 remix downfold. The UK BD specifically states it to be the original stereo.
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I'm Pretty sure that it is not a downfold. Most Columbia-Tristar DVDs (before they became Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) from the late 90's to the early 2000's had the original Stereo/Surround mix included. In this case, the 1999 DVD of Christine has the Original Dolby Surround Mix, as did the 2004 Special Edition DVD, and no 5.1 mixes were included on either, so im 100% sure that it is the Original Surround mix included on the 4k UHD version.
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I remember hearing that the 5.1 DTS and DD tracks on the 2004 Japanese DVD were a ground up remix based on original master track stems (supposedly made for a planned Superbit DVD release that never materialized) and was the only release until the BDs to carry a 5.1 mix, as it was strangely absent on the R1/2 Special Edition releases that came out the same year (the Dolby Atmos track on the UHD is probably based on this mix with some Atmos specific changes and adjustments).

The BD's 5.1 DTS-MA track on the other hand, is believed to be a discrete presentation of the Dolby Stereo LRCS mix but with an added LFE and "stereotized" rears.
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Interesting, does anyone has the JP DVD, to compare the 5.1 mixes?
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(2019-02-10, 07:36 PM)crampedmisfit1990 Wrote: The UHD does include a 2 0 DTS-HD track but I never saw it confirmed to be the original theatrical mix. Could be a 5.1 or 7.1 remix downfold. The UK BD specifically states it to be the original stereo.

I honestly don't blame you for being suspicious.  All one has to do is look at the 4K UHD of Halloween to see a hideous downmix in action.  Angry
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