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[Canceled] Zodiac Theatrical Cut (Quick Project)
This is finished here:


[Image: PMPk6RA.png]

Zodiac Theatrical Cut (Quick Project v1.0)

Project Info

So you are asking yourself why recreate the TC of Zodiac? Well the project's genesis started a few years ago when I bought a box of Cinema DTS discs. Most of the movies were junk but included in the pack were the discs for Zodiac and Zodiac just happens to be my favorite Fincher movie.

With the discs in hand, I wanted to sync the tracks to the BD so I could hear the far field mix. That was until I remembered the BD is the Director's Cut (DC) and contains several minutes of additional scenes, scene extensions and a few alternative shots.

I debated if I should just patch the Cinema DTS with the BD until I came to the realization that it would be nice to have the TC back in HD form. Re-create what is not available.

So this project recreates the TC by cutting the BD down to the DVD which contains the TC cut. Most of the cuts are covered here:


But not covered in that link is the fact the DC has more frames for certain shots, one subtitle that I had to matte into the HD footage from the DVD and two brief shots I needed to upscaled, one that had different timing than the DC and one wholly unique shot from the TC. The credits of the DC are also formatted differently when compared to the TC DVD. So I used the DVD credits.

The final master was color corrected to match the DVD's look which is greener when compared to the BD's redder cast.

On the audio side besides the Cinema DTS, I included the DD 5.1 from the DVD

This project attempts to create the theatrical cut (TC) of Zodiac by cutting down the DC BD to match the TC DVD. The end project is color corrected to resemble more of the look of the DVD.

1. DTS-HD MA 5.1 (from the Cinema DTS Discs)
2. Dolby Digital 5.1 (from the US CE DVD)

1. English (from the US DVD)

This project is synced to the US DVD

[Image: mW6XIfe.jpg]

Collaborators and Thanks (In order of help):
SpaceBlackKnight: for the HD TC parts
I’m having some audio issues with this so I’m going to sideline it for dh2 and pick it back up in January 2020
Thanks given by:
FYI, the theatrical cut is on streaming places in HD. I'm pretty sure most providers have it in OAR except for Vudu, which I've heard in the past uses a master (no doubt a HDTV prepped one) that crops to 16:9 outside of the opening/closing credits.
Thanks given by:
(2019-12-13, 08:01 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: FYI, the theatrical cut is on streaming places in HD. I'm pretty sure most providers have it in OAR except for Vudu, which I've heard in the past uses a master (no doubt a HDTV prepped one) that crops to 16:9 outside of the opening/closing credits.

I noticed that but was unable to find a recording anywhere. Anyone knowing a place can drop me a PM. It would help....but if unable to find it, I'm good with what I have right now.
Thanks given by:
Ironically, I turned on (US) Netflix tonight and there is the TC cut of Zodiac.

I think I need to delay this a bit to see if I can acquire or cap the three scenes and credits I need.

Can anyone download the Netflix version?
Thanks given by:
Big thanks to SpaceBlackKnight who got me the TC parts I needed in HD, so now I can complete this sucker in total HD.
Thanks given by: Stamper , applesandrice
Look forward to it.
Thanks given by:
Nice to see this at No.34 in Empire's 100 Greatest Movies Of The 21st Century.

Thanks given by:
@PDB Read this article (Zodiac Ending Explained: Unlocking The Mystery Of David Fincher's Film) today and it piqued my interest in watching this again. So I did some searching and found an Amazon WEB-DL version was released about 5 months ago. I then remembered your thread and was going to ask if you knew this version existed but I noticed it's now marked as 'cancelled'. Is this really the case?

Anyway here's the media info on the WEB-DL if you're interested.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 2 h 37 min
Global Bit Rate: 8871kb/s
Overall Size: 9.77 GiB

Video Tracks:
Format: AVC (8 bits)
Resolution: 1920 x 800
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Frame Rate: 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Bit Rate: 8229kb/s

Audio Tracks:
English | E-AC-3 | 5.1ch | 640kb/s | Unknown

And some screen shots.

[Image: hz5o03.png]

[Image: vrdvl7.png]

[Image: 041own.png]

[Image: 4z516x.png]

[Image: 523989.png]

[Image: 9v17ep.png]

[Image: 6bv8h3.png]

[Image: 7d6pa7.png]
Thanks given by:
If I recall I was running into trouble with the C-DTS sync. Which is odd because syncing the C-DTS should take a few minutes to do as it is always frame accurate. That leads me to suspect the "theatrical cut" on DVD, Amazon. etc was not the real TC. It was only one scene but that scene may be different in the DVD vs the DC and seemly on the C-DTS.

But I should see if I can track down that web-DL, I believe I still have all my files for this project.
Thanks given by:

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