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[Canceled] Tremors Regrade (Project CRT #0 v1.0)
This project is canceled with a superior 4K remaster now coming out

[Image: jdPVYkB.jpg]

Tremors Regrade (Project CRT #0 v1.0)

Project Info:

This is the inaugural project of my CRT regrade project. You can read more about it here:


The short summary is many older HD transfers have a red/magenta/pink/purple look on modern flat panels. That is because they were graded on older CRTs which have different color characteristics and technology. The goal of this project is to view those older masters on a CRT and then regrade them to look correct on modern flat planes.

I selected Tremors as the first test because it has a pronounce and obvious magenta look, I had the BD and it was on Netflix, so I could compare the colors of the two version. Most of all I love the movie. It's simple B-movie with a lot of charm and a perfect mix of danger and humor. The CRT regrade gets rid of the purple skies and pink whites and brings back the greens, yellow and blues. I don't know if it is more theatrically accurate but it does look a  hell of a lot better, IMHO.

Problem with using Tremors is it has a terrible, terrible HD master. Lots of DNR but even worse copious amounts of EE/halos. Clearly it had machine applied variable EE. Some shots look OK, other look like someone took a white crayon and drew an outline around the character. After a lot of hard work with After Effects and regraining, I think I got rid or reduced of 80% of the EE. Far from perfect but the best its going to be until there is a remaster.

I pulled the 5.1 and ENG subs from the BS but also added the PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround from the open matte laserdisc.

The Tremors BD regraded to how it looks like on a professional color grading CRT. That reduces the amount of magenta and red in the picture and brings out the greens, yellow and blues. Further the master has had the EE reduced and has been regrained.

1. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the US OM LD)
2. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the US WS CE LD)
3. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the US CE DVD - Converted from DD 2.0)
4. DTS-HD MA 5.1 (from the US BD)

1. English (from the US BD)

Synced to the US BD


[Image: xodNs6Z.jpg]

BD/BD Regraded to CRT (Test Pics, Out of Date)
[Image: 9M5Rr0b.jpg]


BDgeek: for the CE LD track
alinskey : for ripping the CE LD track
Here are some examples of the worse EE I could find on the Tremors BD. Unlike most of the EE that I was able to eliminate, this I could only minimize. Its better but far from perfect

BD/regraded BD
[Image: xfgXDEm.jpg]

[Image: bX6FQLm.jpg]

[Image: WUJ1MJ8.jpg]
Thanks given by: Hitcher , iguanaclerk , bronan
PDB, Not sure if you are aware but the US (not EU) Attack Pack version of Tremors is devoid of the DNR (unfortunately still has EE).
Thanks given by:
Thanks X5.

I remember that about the AP version and was going to use that but I ended up using the original because the adding the grain part ended up helping with hiding some of the most egregious EE.
Thanks given by:
Good job!

- green is a tad... too green Wink
- try finedehalo (on avisynth); works wonderfully!
Thanks given by:
Thanks for the suggestion of finedehalo spoRv. I’ll give it a try. What seetings do you recommend for the above pictured EE?


I think I’ll keep the green where it is Wink

The green always looks to be more extreme when in comparison to the original shots. Watching it on its own, it looks just fine.
Thanks given by:
Excellent work PDB. Great film and great practical effects.
Thanks given by:
I have long had a version of the Amazon, with film grain and not much more filling the frame.

[Image: d6f7881347384080.jpg] [Image: 016a681347384106.jpg]
[Image: cde6891347384094.jpg] [Image: a792a61347384100.jpg]
[Image: 0e32c11347384085.jpg] [Image: d83d961347384109.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Do you happened to know the bitrate on the Amazon Web-DL? I assume it is the same master as the AP version X5 talked about, just framed for 16:9.
Thanks given by:
Looking good so far PDB. So is this a single colour correction applied to the whole movie (and in theory other masters of a similar vintage)?
Thanks given by:

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