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List of 35mm print reels for sale
I intend to collect all 35mm prints that I can find and are sold now and in the future.
Most of them come from different sellers and I will note which ones have been used alot and those that have been used better, if possible.

Everyone will probably not think that a specific movie is worth preserving, but it can be fun to see what title can get all our attention and maybe even be scanned.

*List updates when item are gone, or new sale item is available.

Ebay sales listing:

Cast Away - "EXCELLENT shape, BEAUTIFUL COLOR, ORIGINAL, COMPLETE, 35mm theatrical motion picture print on eight 2000 foot plastic reels + two DTS discs!"

Gangs Of New York - "Like new condition! Russian audio. You can see photo of each reel."

Along Came A Spider - "Print is very sharp and clean. This is the ‘VF’ or version Francsis. It has DTS and english disks (copies) are included."


E.T Extra Terrestrial - "Very good condition, no scratches, very minor wear, splices are only at the head and tail as expected, color is great, a very wonderful print."


Who Framed Roger Rabbit - "[b]Very Good Condition, Great Color (pics don't do it justice), Minimal Wear" [/b]


Hart's War - "Brand "New" Print"


The Terminator -  "Very Good Condition, Great Color, a few minor scratches/wear lines that are very short in nature. "


Final Destination - "Used"


The Fugitive - "some light wear from use from what I can see, light dents, light surface wear etc"


The Perfect Storm - "the print is in very good condition"



The Fifth Element Good Condition, Dolby Stereo English Sound Track with Spanish Sub Titles


The Green Mile Complete Overall Good Condition, English with Spanish Subtitles


The Mask of Zorro - Complete Overall Fairly Good Condition. Original Leaders may not be included. English with Spanish  subtitles


Apollo 13 - "is in very good or better condition, has few, if any emulsion or base side scratches"

One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest - "An item with obvious and significant wear but is still operational."


Air Force One - "Very good condition with NO lines"


War of the worlds (2005) - "No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact"


Dantes PeakGood Print Nice Color, 1 Splice. NO VS. Mounted on Lab Cores, Please not Original Leaders may note 


Hostage - item in used but good condition"


Tomorrow Never Dies - "This is like new condition 35mm color sound print"


From Hell -  "item with obvious and significant wear but is still operational"


Thirteen Days - "Very Nice Print But has a some Platter Scratches"


Donnie Brasco - Complete Overall Good Condition. . Please Note Original Leader may not be included.


I Am Legend - "item in used but good condition"


The Hurt Locker - "Good used"


The Departed - "Very good used print"


The Aviator - "Printed on Polyester film stock with VERY good color"

Thanks given by: HippieDalek

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