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Beauty and the Beast (1991) 35mm (help needed)
I have the chance to get a German print of BATB scanned.

The film is accompanied by some features (short trailers “Jungle Book”, “Bambi” and the Goofy-cartoon “How to Dance”).
To finance the project, we would need 750€.

A grindhouse-version will be provided to donors shortly after the print is scanned.
A cleaned version might be added later, but that’s not sure.

This project will also tie into my other UHD Blu-Ray fix project. The UHD / BD has modified scenes (modified backgrounds, or removed elements) and a calibration that does not make everyone agree.
Only a 35mm print would correct this.

The 35mm version will have at least the following audio:
English (2.0 Laserdisc), German (2.0 optical), French (2.0 Laserdisc).
If all goes well, I could add European audio tracks that I own: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian 5.1, as well as English 7.1.

I specify that only donors will receive the file.
If you’re interested, please send me a PM !
Thank you to future participants.

Current total donations: 155€
If I may ask, can we donate, after we have seen screenshots from the scan and know that all went well?
Thanks given by:
The collector they're using only lets out good prints for this, so there's not much risk of the print not being good and as I understand it he owns two so if there was a problem with one reel I'm sure he could let out a reel from the other one for a rescan to ensure the scan is intact and complete. Smile
Thanks given by: titanic
Ok, I just asked because I've been burned with Thunderbean scans.
First with Pinocchio that had some problem in a reel, then with Cinderella that was actually a 16mm print of low quality, then with Fantasia etc. etc.
I'll pledge 30 euros (I'll pay in a couple of days that I get paid).
Thanks given by: framemaster

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