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[Idea] Dune (1984) bigger frame
Just discovered that the German DVD of Dune released by Astro has a bigger frame size than BD:


US/DE BDs have just a fraction more image on the left of the French Ultimate DVD seen in the comparison, while Astro DVD has more image of top, left and right in comparison to US/DE BD.

Would be interesting to get it, and merge with the BD to get bigger image and more details.
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be warned though, couple of those DVD's have scenes missing. One of them that I have (I have many many Dune DVD's) looks like a legit telecine from a 35mm print
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(2020-06-25, 09:52 AM)Bigrob Wrote: One of them that I have (I have many many Dune DVD's) looks like a legit telecine from a 35mm print

I wonder if that particular DVD would serve as good reference material for a regrade...
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Can't say if the Astro could be theatrically accurate.
What I can say is sometimes, German DVD releases (and not only) with color grading different from all the others, used theatrical print for their masters...
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I have the Astro DVD somewhere in the deeps of my DVD Collection. But it will take some weeks to get back to my Collection, and the price of the Disc is very low.. under 5 Euro when shipped inside Germany on eBay.

My Dune DVD/BD/HD-DVD Collection is not very huge, just some German DVDs and BDs (Even a silly 3D conversion Big Grin ) and the US HD-DVD.
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Dune exists in so many different versions. I really like the aired TV version
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Arrow have it coming on Blu
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I've been wanting to ask for a while now but I kept forgetting. Does anyone know how the newer Arrow Dune UHD looks in comparison to both one of the print-sourced SD releases (color-wise) and how it fares in the framing size department?
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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