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[Proposal] The Terminator [1984] Ultimate Purist Collection
So as I recently checked out the U Matic german regrade, and as PDB, who had a regrade project on the back burner for a while, (but a truckloads of other projects too!) suggested, it might be the right time to gather all the past syncs I made from different sources of the different mono mixes, and put them up along with a chosen regrade of The Terminator that is the closest to how the film looked originaly.

I think I would streamline the video back to two choices, either the german U Matic from Der Rabe which I think suffers from a bit too much of a plain white balance (yellow pages aren't supposed to be white, especially in an aged phonebook stored in a phonebooth), or the SDR2HDR VISIONPLUSHDR-X.6000nit from TEKNO3D which is however a whooping 52 GB and which I have not seen yet and have no idea what it is, except that some people says good things of it.

Third option would be a blend of the U Matic + either the original or the SDR2HDR to balance it a bit.

Blu ray - Remastered - Original Screenshot:
[Image: term507bdremastered9xjlv.png]

der rabe - Regrade from one of the last "U Matic cinema copies":
[Image: term507umatic8zjxv.png]

For this, I'll add the best versions of those syncs:

1- US Domestic mix
2- International mix
3- HBO laserdisc Chace faux stereo remix (1st home video remix)
4- Image DVD 2.1 mix

+ surviving foreign mono mixes.

And maybe as an extra I'll redo the 5.1 remix fix, only in stereo using a completely different workflow from my initial try. Originaly I put the 5.1 remix as base, and added the mono sounds center (as it's impossible to remove all the redone gunshots as they are on all the channels), now I would just use the mono mix as base, and add a few stereo effects there and there from the remix, thus keeping the purity of the original mix.

The audio tracks would be:

Laserdiscs rips:

*- Chace Faux Stereo remix from original 1985 LD release [HBO2535] BRAND NEW SOURCE IN TRUE FAUX STEREO, AWESOME SOUND. *SYNCED
This was the first home video release of the Terminator on Laserdisc, so history. Also sounds unlike any other mono mix, ever.
*- Domestic mono mix Image Ent. 1995 THX laserdisc rip [ID2940NSB] from Williarob *NOT SYNCED YET

DVD rips:

*- International Mono Mix from MGM SE 2001 DVD different source from TF1 with more dynamic range *SYNCED
*- International Mono mix from TF1 1999 DVD *SYNCED
*- French Mono Mix from TF1 1999 DVD *SYNCED +MID FILM DESYNC FIXED
*- German Mono Mix from early German 1997 DVD (35mm print scan) *SYNCED
*- Domestic Mono 2.1 mix from Image 1997 DVD interesting "fix" with lots of thump I need to redo this as it seems to have a framerate problem. Williarob is helping to sort it out back to 23.976.

Possible additions:

- Domestic mono mix JP [PILF-1297] laserdisc rip from LucasGodzilla (35mm print scan) similar to HBO full screen sound, but is direct from a 35mm print however I need to check if the capture is bit perfect. If not, I won't add it.

- UK Virgin tape from Zoidberg this is a 35mm print scan and I have two rips, great VHS sound, might be a nice alternative.

- Italian mono mix.

- Japanese mono mixes as they are hilarious.


- Previous Chace Stereo thanks to jerryshadoe & MrBrown was alas badly captured and did not feature the true faux stereo sound, so this one is *DELETED and replaced by the brand new Chace rip I found.

- French Mono Mix 2.0 from Early Gaumont LD 1986 by Tommy Lee I SYNCED it + PITCH FIXED it and MID FILM DESYNC FIXED it, alas it appears the original sync was made randomly by cutting out parts of the soundtrack to keep in sync with the 5.1. As I don't have the video, and I already did a nice sync of the french TF1 DVD, I retired this one, it's too much work for not a lot of difference with the already synced french track. Also this rip was clipped, as are most french LD rips in what seems to be a loudness war to have the most huge sounding LD rip.

- NBC At The Movies W O C 09-26-1987 time compressed but has alternate lines of dialogue. A resync would be too much work, and there are different dialogue shots, so for now I'm putting this on the retired back burner until I come up with an idea that would only include the different dialogue lines (maybe incorporating them into a mono mix labeled "TV"?). As it's hacked, resyncing it is too much work and the sound is buzzing all the way during the film. But taking just the differences and editing them into a mono mix that is full might be a better option.

- Domestic mono mix HBO 1989 laserdisc rip [ID6677HB] full screen disc *SYNCED it but this is an ac3 capture and it's similar to the bit perfect LD from Williarob, so no need to add due to the capture not being bit perfect.

- Domestic mono mix Image Ent. 1995 THX laserdisc rip [ID2940NSB] from Team Blu *SYNCED already, but I'm not certain if this version wasn't hacked to keep in sync, so I prefer to delete it.

Suggestions welcome.
Cool project! What's the difference between the domestic and international mono mixes?
Thanks given by:
Just got the U-Matic version, and after a very quick overview, it seems very nice - love those lifelike punchy colors, and IMHO white pages must be... white? so it's OK! Wink - with video at around 13GB is a nice compromise, and sync'ed tracks would be the cherry on the cake!

Note: curious why he used a 512kbps AC-3 track instead of the "classic" 448kbps or 640kbps...
Thanks given by: Stamper , The Aluminum Falcon
Hi alldu, there was a vimeo video posted by a believe one or our friends here, exposing all the differences. However I can't find it right now, but I'm sure someone will post it here again soon.
Thanks given by:
Awesome project Stamper!!! Congratulations!!!

The Terminator is one of my favorites of all time. Looking forward to it!

I haven’t had the pleasure of watching any of the previous projects or listen to the LD audio.
The closest to original for me was the early Hemdale DVD which I owned back in the day.
Thanks given by:
I've seen both films projected on 35mm. I can confidently say the Bluray for the first film is very very good, very faithful in terms of colour. T2 is probably even more faithful which is easier since it isn't a dark mostly night film.
Thanks given by: pipefan413
(2021-01-03, 01:53 PM)Stamper Wrote: Hi alldu, there was a vimeo video posted by a believe one or our friends here, exposing all the differences. However I can't find it right now, but I'm sure someone will post it here again soon.

Hello sir! That would be me and this would be the video! Big Grin

Thanks given by: Stamper , Tylerdurden389 , BDgeek , allldu , stwd4nder2
Thanks Criss!
Thanks given by: crissrudd4554
If we find out the PILF-1297 LD isn't bit-perfect, let me know. I would be up for buying and capturing that one for the project. Smile
Thanks given by: Stamper , BDgeek
I'm checking the files this week. Regarding the U Matic version, SpoRv, I aligned it with the European master, and it clearly have problem despite the color improvements, they include all white being 100% white (which is a no-no in film titles) and blown out highlights nuked in many parts and also horrible compression clearly visible when zoomed in.

I did a blend using the BD as luma, and playing with opacity, I managed to restore most highlights, with only minor tweaks of the colors, which essentialy remains 90% the same. Skintones are also much more improved.

I will next check out the SDR2HDR and see if there something worth saving there.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , BDgeek , interaser

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