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Davinci Resolve audio
I've previously used Davinci Resolve a great deal for camcorder projects so I decided to try it for fan editing of blu-ray rips. To keep things relatively simple, I thought using 5.1 audio would be a good idea. But when I dropped a file with a 5.1 soundtrack into the timeline, the channels were all in the wrong place on playback.

I have tried splitting the audio into separate tracks for each channel and then importing, I tried panning those channels around into the correct positions, I've rendered in all kinds of formats, but I haven't found any way to get the correct 5.1 audio to render out.

Simply outputting the same audio that is dropped in doesn't seem a lot to ask but for some reason it just won't work. Is Resolve not suitable for this kind of project?   Confused
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I don't use Resolve, but you could try to identify how exactly the tracks are jumbled up and then pre-jumble them before importing to compensate for it.
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(2020-07-23, 01:53 PM)TomArrow Wrote: I don't use Resolve, but you could try to identify how exactly the tracks are jumbled up and then pre-jumble them before importing to compensate for it.

Yeah, you'd think that should do it but nope! I used Audacity to look at the individual channel positions and tried moving the centre channel about, but when imported to Resolve the C channel will either come out of the R speaker or the L speaker but never the centre. 

It's unfortunate because I have probably thousands of hours experience editing in Resolve and using it for some side projects would have been fun. The option to do a stereo-only soundtrack is there I suppose but TBH I wouldn't like watching the end product so there's little point.  Angry
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Maybe the way you are saving the changed file creates a different channel mapping in Resolve's mind, so maybe that needs to be adapted a second time? Either way, strange stuff.
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