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[Help] Identify and Repair an Audio Artifact
I'm working on an audio sync and found that the DVD track I have contains some audio artifacts. Click? Pop? I'm not sure what the term is. For context, it's a film from the 1940s.

Here's a very short sample (ignore the hiss): https://voca.ro/1jBzL2dJmRNC

What it looks like on waveform:

[Image: IILWSmI.png]

And on spectrogram. It's the highlight in the low frequencies.
[Image: C4NUhvG.png]

My questions:
  • What's it called? Pop? Click?
  • What's the best way to remove them? When there's no dialog, I can duplicate an adjacent segment to cover it. Otherwise, Izotope's "De-plosive" seems to work. Just wondering if there's a more proper tool because "De-plosive" is described as targeting "consonant speech sound."

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trial and error but there is a lot of options within izotope you can try. i use de-click with the multi-band (random clicks) option for cleaning up most of my vhs recordings. the lowest sensitivity usually removes almost all tape artifacts but sometimes i bump it up a bit with testing. but most vhs artifacts run the spectrum from 20hz-20khz. not sure exactly what issues your source has though.

in izotope, zoom in and highlight a small section you want to test, like a single section with the artifact. then click the de-click option (or any other one you wanna try) on the right side. there's a small '?' mark in the upper right hand corner of the pop up that will give you a rundown on all the options/settings. then hit compare and a new window pops up that lets you compare the source to the rendered versions with the settings you selected. this lets you test it out without needing to render the entire file which can often take some time.

depending on what you're trying to clean up, it's still just a lot of playing around. i pretty much only use de-click, de-crackle, and de-hum. PM me your audio source and i can play around with it as well.
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Thanks, Yarp! Yes, I already tried highlighting a small section and selecting a bunch of different de-... tools. Only de-plosive worked.

Re. source issues, it seems to be baked into the DVD master. It's also present on another more filtered DVD release.

Anyways, I've now examined the track a little more closely and realized that it's literally littered with this artifact, so I feel manually going through every instance probably isn't worth my time. Also tried "Find Similar" in Izotope and it missed a lot of instances. Fortunately, I don't think these are not super noticeable. I'll release it as is and send you a copy if you are interested!
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