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[Request] Superman II and III isolated film scores
I was wondering if someone ever created isolated tracks for all Superman movies featuring Christopher Reeve. I believe all albums already released are complete, so the work would be to adjust them to match the scenes. When the tracks can't be heard the movie would be silent.

Superman: The Movie (1978) has a music-only track, for the Director's Cut version only (theatrical and TV edits don't have it).

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987) already has an isolated track that was created for a project (from Booshman) that included bits from the japanese laserdisc, the TORNADO and Battle in the U.S.S.R. scenes. I still have this file, a great job.

SUPERMAN II and III and their multiple versions all lack this.

In the past someone uploaded to Youtube the entire Superman IV movie, with the deleted scenes inserted into it, and this isolated score, naming these "The Quest For Score".

The videos were taken down and the channel deleted, so I could never find this again. I managed to save Parts 1-6, 8-10, 12-16, so files 7 and 11 are missing. However the quality was poor, in low resolution. One of the videos can be seen here:

This is from a deleted scene with the 1st Nuclear Man, that for some unknown reason Warner at 2006 put this goofy soundtrack instead (see below):


However in 2008 the Blue Box album with music from ALL movies was finally released (remember that Superman II and III only had a few tracks, and IV never had any release until then?), and we discovered, despite the mess this movie was, how good the Alexander Courage music could have been for this scene. 

About this specific scene (watch the Bitchute video): it's from a sequence that showed Clark and Lacy going to the Metro Club and dancing the night away, just before the entrance of the first Nuclear Man, which comprised another deleted sequence. Unfortunately none of the Metro Club scenes were included in the Superman IV special edition DVD or Blu-ray. Maybe they were destroyed or lost. We can only find photos from Christopher Reeve and Mariel Hemingway. 

There's a comic book from Superman IV (I also have this one, it helps explaining how the movie finally makes sense - one of the movie moments show a scene where the 2nd Nuclear Man asks "where is the woman" - this has a whole sequence that was cut, and it's better understood with this DC movie special *) that has a few passages from the Clark and Lacy at the Metro Club - these can be seen in the Bitchute link.


For this unavailable sequence (represented by these comic books screenshots) we listen to another music missing from the main movie, too: Life's Too Dangerous" by Paul Fishman.

So that means, despite that Booshman project I mentioned before (the 90 minute Superman IV - TV edit) I am also interested in a project similar to this "QUEST FOR SCORE" that was never found again.

About Superman II (theatrical, TV edit or Donner Cut) and III (theatrical or TV edit) I don't think anyone created an isolated film score for them. I don't expect Warner to ever do that. I believe it can be done with all the albums already available.

One thing I would like to point out is that Superman II and III first released tracks appear to be a little different (in terms of how they sound) from the Blue Box material and later 'La-La Land Records".

The first Superman II and III albums were of course vinyl/LP and a CD released in Japan in 1990, the latter with both these movies. The issue with the CD and LPs was the fact they only included A FEW TRACKS. A lot more material was missing, until Blue Box came in 2008.

More information about the japanese CD can be found here:

It's identified as Warner-Pioneer WPCP 3860. I have all other albums, except the japanese (only have as MP3, and for third movie) and the vinyl. If someone is going to create an isolated film score for movies II and III this person first needs to compare the japanese CD with what came later:

- Blue Box from Film Score Monthly (2008) and La-La Land (2018)

One of the tracks that I remember to have sound different is The Final Victory from SUPERMAN III (which is named The Struggle Within/The Final Victory in the japanese CD - 2 tracks into 1).

A word of advice: never assume all albums are created equal and that sound the same. They may improve them over time and remaster, but the final result might be worse and/or sound different. And even if they are all the same, they may also sound different from what you actually hear in the movie. That's why you should collect different releases and compare them.
Thanks given by:
My recoloured Superman 3 bluray has an isolated score track. DTSHD-MA created from the blue boxed set. Superman 2 I haven't done, not sure why anyone would want one for the Donner Cut, the audio mixing in that movie is either copy/ paste or chopped to bits. For the extended versions I can see the point in the longer version of 4 since there is original music that was deleted and can be added back, but for parts 2 and 3 there are a lot of artificial extensions and repeating of cues to account for the additional footage added that make them redundant if you have the theatrical.

Thanks given by: Perene

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