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[Help] Godzilla 1998 Japanese LD
Hi I noticed on the LD database it states that apparently the Japanese Laserdisc has some extras that I've been after for quite some time. Namely the New Year's teaser and tv spots. I was curious if anyone had the release and could rip? Or if I was able to find one who might be able to be of some help? Would much appreciate any help. As I would love to preserve the extras present on that release as I don't think any were ported over to the Japanese DVD or Bluray. If they were that would be fine as well if anyone happens to know. Plus it would be nice to preserve the LD transfer as it apparently has opticals ptesent for.the french dialogue. Obviously I'm willing to pay gor any help I'm given with this. Please reach out if you're able to help or have access to this release.
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