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[Help] Rip audio-only from a Blu-ray disc?
Any free tools out there which can do this?

For DVDs I use DVD Decrypter or PgsDemux.

What are the options for BDs? MakeMKV requires you rip with the video but that means writing GBs of data just to extract the audio from the resulting MKV.

Surprisingly I could not find clear cut solution from Google.
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The only thing that I can think of is DVDFab.  My practice is always to rip the whole disc and then demux, to ensure quality control, so I haven't tried it.  PGCDemux isn't a decrypter, so if you use that on DVDs without ripping first, they probably lack copy protection.
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Hi NeonBible,

For BD audio only rips I use DGDemux (not free but great for branched discs) and EAC3TO (actually I use the mod version UsEac3to GUI 1.3.0). Both are very easy and work great!


There's been a recent discussion here in the forum about DGDemux, in case you're interested.
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^ Technically, what those tools are doing is demuxing, rather than ripping.  It seems to me that the OP is using the term "rip" correctly and wants to copy the contents of a disc (or part thereof) to the drive.
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Oh ok, in that case, then of course you need something like Anydvd to decrypt the disc (which of course is not free, but highly recommended). Than you can do it directly from the disc with any of these mentioned tools.

But yeah, I'm sorry, I can't really help with totally free solution and I don't really think there is one. But I could be wrong of course.
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Can DGDemux decrypt the BD? Disappointed there isn't a trial version.
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No, I don't think so. DVDFab has a trial.

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Ok thanks both. Will give DVDFab a go but its pretty pricey / I'm a cheapskate.

Might just need to suck it up and rip with video and demux after.
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I useed eac3to for decrypted BDs... Just need to get the command right.
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