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Bill & Ted Laserdisc
Just wondering if anyone has Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on Laserdisc that they could capture and share please? Had a look in lddb and it's pretty pricey.

I've been trying to collect as many of my old favoutites in Fullscreen format. Easy when they're on DVD but this one isn't sadly.

Also, heads up, I've got a few on LD as well as some VHS's ready to capture so will be sharing those once they're done.
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What on Earth could be driving up the price of the pan and scan Laserdisc? The release of the third film last year? There was a Japanese letterboxed disc I would think would be more valuable, but I've only been collecting LD's for 35 years, what do I know? Tongue
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I think it’s just a rare disc by the looks of things. It only got the one US release unlike a lot of others that seemed to get 2 or 3. I’ve got it on VHS but assume the LD would be better PQ
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Both films on LD go for quite a bit. I've never seen a copy of the first one so I think it's a combination of rarity, less copies pressed, collectibility, and the third film having just been released.
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