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The Thief And The Cobbler - Project Moth (unfinished project)
For availability for context - my restoration of the cut. Filled with un-used scenes, involving zigzags feet rub by the goons and unused elements, like princess yum-yum’s twin, Princess meemee. Clips and bonuses will be shown via Private message Ok.
Project moth
Epik skeeter Cool .
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I love this movie. Can you explain the details of your restoration and how it differs from the Recobbled Cut?
Thanks given by: Glendale58
The script is altered a bit. Tough the story stays with the characters. I used sources from mark 3, Kevin Anderson reels, sharpness knight and mark 4, Princess meemee is one unused character and a 5th goon to one of zigzags servants. Let’s just say, it’s a cut from a fan Woo. I have a scene done, as long as I can PM it to you.
Epik skeeter Cool .
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@TomArrow here, read this https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/downlo...89ee-229d2
Epik skeeter Cool .
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@TomArrow there’s a bunch of pictures on original trilogy showing a throne minion of the one eye doing…uh… I’m not really sure what she’s doing but you can see for yourself. Although, my IP got banned from the site so, unfortunately I can’t see the chat Confused.

.png   1B4EC560-501D-475E-8ED6-E1A980FF985A.png (Size: 3.08 KB / Downloads: 69)
Epik skeeter Cool .
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Alright, I have completed most shots in the editing process. Tough KineMaster is not final. The final project will be released in Premire Pro.
Yakko Warner: Goodnight everybody! Ok
Epik skeeter Cool .
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