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Bram Stoker's Dracula HDTV
Does anyone happen to have the HDTV cap of Bram Stoker's Dracula? The one that was the master for the Superbit DVD. Many thanks in advance
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This film is played quite often on WOWOW channels, I will try to record it, maybe it will be what you need.
Thanks given by: zoidberg
Thanks maksnew, I would be surprised I'd WOWOW were still running that master but it's worth checking.

This is a very old master that was doing the rounds before the first blu ray was released, I've just never been able to find it in the wild.
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I checked the usual oddball sites and found nothing so far Zoid.

Best bet would be newsgroups at this point. A quick search for nzb reveals not much but those thing can be obscured on purpose. I’ll keep checking.
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There is an nzb which looks to be the old master. Not great though...

1080p (but low video bitrate), 25fps, French dub & hard subbed French subtitles.

Thanks given by: PDB
Hmm actually it might not be the old Superbit master.

EDIT: Compared to caps-a-holic. Yeah its same as the old US Sony Blu. Apologies!
Thanks given by: PDB
Thanks for the efforts guys, hopefully it's not lost to the ages but I suspect most people deleted their copy when the blus were released, more so the remastered in 4K one. Either that or hard drive crashes. It may show up on one of the streaming services also, they love to use random older masters from time to time.
There is also a Hi-Vision MUSE disc but at this point in time I think that would be a true lost cause unless the capture project on LDDB finally comes to fruition
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(2022-08-09, 06:43 PM)zoidberg Wrote: It may show up on one of the streaming services also.

Precisely this! Imma gonna keep my eye out for it at places like Vudu, Google Play/YT rentals and TubiTV. These places tend to have old & ragged (but sometimes very unique) HDTV masters, sometimes crop jobs and others opened up top and bottom. YT currently have 1.78 masters of A Life Less Ordinary and Wing Commander, so it's possible. I discovered AMC+ have 1.78 masters for Dazed and Confused, Youngblood (1986), and a 1.78 version of the 4k Blues Brothers remaster.
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I did have his, but it may have been lost to an old dead PC, I will look in the next week or so
Thanks given by: zoidberg

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