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Multiple color calibration in one file, with HDR metadata ?
Hi, one of the problems in Blu-Ray / UHD is their color calibration which often does not suit everyone.
Would it be possible to use HDR metadata to create multiple color calibration in one file?
For example, Matrix in HDR would be like 2000s green calibration, HDR 10+ would be like cinema 35mm, and Dolby Vision would be like the actual UHD BD
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There's no need to have 3 separate color grades. Just get it right the first time. And calibrate your display.

But to answer the question, no I don't think it's technically possible.
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In a movie like Matrix, it's interresting to have several color timing.
It depends on your nostalgia.
Lot of people discovering it with the green filter Smile
I imagined HDR metadata is like a LUT, and the encoded movie is in LOG.
You can give several different LUTs to have different style to your movie Smile
But maybe it's different
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