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The 13th Warrior French Blu Ray
Does anyone have the out of print French Blu Ray? From looking at caps-a-holic the German release has better colors and the French release has extra image so a combination of the two could work well - but the French disc is not easy to find.
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I don't have the full BD but I have cut-down 12GB version if that helps.
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Stay away from the French disc. It's junk. I got it from a friend in the hopes that it's better then the German BD. It's not. The video is very smeary. I was warned about this and I didn't believe him until I saw it myself. You may want to check out the Disney+ version, if it's available in the wild. It looks better then the German BD on first glance. But without a proper rip I can judge it.
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I think this is a pick the lesser of two evils choice, but I'd lean toward the German release. The French release has a pretty hefty contrast boost and a bit of a yellow tint. This makes some of the darker scenes maybe look better than the GER, but it also makes a lot of other scenes look terrible. There's also more smeary noise reduction on the FRA disc which is never a good thing. GER disc also has English titles.

bendermac, you see The 13th Warrior available for streaming in GER D+ right now?
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(2023-02-01, 03:51 AM)Yarp Wrote: bendermac, you see The 13th Warrior available for streaming in GER D+ right now?
It’s OAR with english on screen text, Touchstone logo
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Thanks all. It's on D+ UK as well - is anyone able to capture 1080P from D+? @X5gb?

I only watched the first minute or so, I noticed a lot of print dirt but that might be the same on all the blu rays. I'll compare some shots later to the shots on caps-a-holic to see if it's zoomed in like the German disc.

I guess worse case scenario, if the D+ isn't available, the French video could be cleaned, given the grain pattern of the German video and color corrected to match the German video. Then the German video could be put on top of the French video so it's a hybrid using just the outer edges from the French video. I'd need to run some tests to see how it lines up.

@bendermac Do you have the full French disc still? It's got a bunch of extra features that aren't on any other releases including a 50 minute documentary.

@PDB Thanks that could come in handy if the D+ is zoomed in.
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@alleycat yes, i do... will send you a resilio link in the next days Smile
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(2023-02-01, 03:22 PM)bendermac Wrote: @alleycat yes, i do... will send you a resilio link in the next days Smile

Thanks appreciate it.
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I have it on Google play but it looks eh
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Spotted this while scanning through the German disc - looks like the sort of issues we get with Dr Dre on highlights.

[Image: JJTN06O.png]
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