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The Godfather Trilogy 4K UHD
(2024-02-27, 06:45 PM)PDB Wrote: I've had plans to clean up the compression on those two Web-DLs for a while now. Hopefully, I can get to it sooner then later. Need to track down some audio.

I think I've got the LD tracks if you need them, though from blah-ray looks like the 2008 BDs are the way to go for audio. Unless someone has ripped the VHS since and compared it.
Thanks given by: PDB
I have the R1 old DVD box set, it's fine by me. If you want the audio tracks, let me know.
Thanks given by: PDB
I'm really torn on the 4K WEB-DL. The weird compression artifacts in the grain aren't noticeable to me in motion but sometimes the image is so grainy that the grain actually seems to be obscuring detail that is visible in the BD (the red label on the wine bottle in the screenshot posted by Yarp is an example). Add to that the posterization and crushed blacks in darker scenes. Some scenes like the outdoor shots at the wedding look amazing though and the colour has been slightly tweaked for the better IMO compared to the BD.
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Yeah I’d agree with Turisu on all of that. The colour is really nice on both 1 & 2 but 1 in particular has out of control grain and occasional softness of the image underneath. Really interested to see what you come up with PDB.

I’m thinking I might have a go at adding grain to certain scenes in the new Blu-rays to see what that would look like.
Thanks given by: PDB
IIRC, the 4K WEB-DL color is more accurate than the Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray is a "point red" per Robert Harris.
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So, if nothing else, the WEB-DL is useful as a colour reference for a potential regrade of the BD. Too bad the UHD turned out the way it did as there really is some nice additional detail there over the BD.
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
I assume the grain on the WEB-DL is the original grain untouched? That would make it a must get.
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It may be but, to me, it doesn't look like an organic part of the image; almost like a heavy grain overlay. If a film image is made up of grain then how can a grainier image have less detail?
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