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[Idea] TROY (2004) - Replace Score in Director's Cut
TROY has two different cuts: theatrical cut and director's cut. The general consensus seems to revolve around the director's cut being a better film in every way, except for the score. Most of the score in the director's cut has been replaced with inferior music, often undermining the film and distracting viewers. I thought it might be a cool idea for someone to take the director's cut and replace the score with the original theatrical cut's music. Would anyone have any interest in doing a project like this?
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James Horner's score was written so late in production that no original music exists for those deleted scenes. But I wonder if Gabriel Yared scored a few of those director's cut moments.
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I think Yared may have scored part of the DC, but I am not sure. I would think that the theatrical score would only be restored to the scenes that are featured in the theatrical cut, such as the opening sequence and the Achilles fight.
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The scene where they used the music from The Planet of the Apes (2001) was so bad. Would love it if someone could rescore this.
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