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"Kill Bill", single-film version, Film Whisperer restoration (UPDATE)
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Kill Bill, single-film version (aka 'The Whole Bloody Affair'), Film Whisperer restoration
I'm certain that I am not the only person on this site to release this project. But I hope it can be said that I released THE BEST version!

There's not much to say. I'm sure you all know by now Quentin Tarantino intended for "Kill Bill" to be one big long film, but Saint Harvey Weinstein persuaded him to cut it into two films.

Tarantino premiered his single-film version at his own personal movie theater in 2011, but it is still not released officially.

I restored it according to notes left by critics who saw it.

According to critics who saw it, it's basically the extended Japanese version of the 1st film (ever only released on DVD in Japan and is now out-of-print) combined with the 2nd film.

However, according to critics who saw it, Tarantino made a few changes:
  1. "Volume 1" ends right after "The Bride" (we don't know her name yet at this point in the film) tells Sophie "I want them all to know that soon they'll all be as dead as O-Ren"
  2. The "epilogue" at the end of "Part 1" with Hattori Hanzo's words has been cut
  3. Also, the part where Bill asks Sophie if the Bride knows that her daughter is alive is cut. This, I assume, is meant to make it a surprise for the audience that her daughter is still alive.
  4. The silly "Volume 2" intro where "The Bride" tells the audience (in a very cheesy demeanor) about what happened in "Volume 1" is cut. The film simply transitions into the "Chapter 6" title card.

So, what makes my version special?
As I've said before, I'm hardly the first to create this version of "Kill Bill". But I hope that I've added a little something special.

A Japanese-spekaing friend of mine helped me translate the two Japanese songs by Meiko Kaji that play in the film. The first is "The Flower of Carnage", which plays right after O-Ren gets the top of her head chopped off. The second is is "Grudge Song", which plays during the end credits.

Fun fact: these two songs are from the Japanese film "Lady Snowblood", starring Meiko Kaji herself. "Kill Bill" was heavily influenced by "Lady Snowblood".

I also translated the Spanish-language song "Malaguena Salerosa ('Beautiful woman from Malaguena')", performed by Chingon, which plays during the end credits.

Why did Tarantino include this song in the film? DON'T KNOW!

I also created REMOVABLE subtitles that are meant to imitate how they look on the theatrical version. Well, technically, I based their style, color, font, and placement on how they look on the VOD version. The blu-ray versions of both films do not have burnt-in subtitles.

File format: MKV
File size: 50.93 GB

  • #1.) 2.0 LPCM
  • This track is the superior track. For some reason, the 5.1 LPCM tracks from the blu-rays leaned a little to heavy on one side during dialog. I don't quite have the skills to fix this problem.
    I promise you, this track sounds very good!
  • #2.) 5.1 LPCM

all subtitles for the Japanese/Cantonese/French dialog are meant to imitate the same look (in terms of style, font, size, color, and placement) as they do on the theatrical version, which I based on the VOD versions of this film.
  • #1.) FPO (foreign parts only) with song translations
    This does not translate any of the English songs
  • #2.) All dialog SDH
    lyrics for the English songs included
  • #3.) Foreign dialog only
    This for those of you who prefer to not have any translations of anything else except for the non-English dialog.

Update 11/22/2023

I have broken up the film into 97 smaller zip files. Hopefully you all know how to do download them and then use an "expander".
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Did you colorized the crazy 88 fight scene?
Thanks given by:
(2023-11-20, 11:17 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: Did you colorized the crazy 88 fight scene?

No need for me to do any coloration. I simply used the Japanese DVD, which has the whole fight scene uncut and in color! The Japanese DVD upscales quite nicely.

However, there are parts of the "House of Blue Leaves" fight which are shown in color and in HD during the end credits on the "Volume 2" blu-ray version. So I used some of that in certain parts of the fight scene.

Colorizing B&W footage will probably require far more advanced software, skills, and probably equipment than I have right now.
My other projects
Venmo: @FilmWhisperer
CashApp: $FilmWhisperer
Thanks given by:

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