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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
Does anyone have The Aristocats?

Is it known whether any of the LDs contain the original mono mix? LDDB says all releases are stereo. It’s uncertain whether the mono has ever appeared on home video.
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Does anyone have The Beach? Smile
Thanks given by: Bigrob
(2022-07-04, 11:29 AM)alleycat Wrote: Does anyone have The Beach? Smile

That's a rare one
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Just made a new order from LDDB, thanks to stwd4nder2 for sending them on to me here in the UK!

Do The Right Thing
The Last Detail
The Two Jakes
The Player
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(2021-08-16, 03:26 PM)alexpeden2000 Wrote: I’ve noticed quite a lot of mono mixes (Criterion Blu-ray’s especially) have really low numbers on spec. Is that aggressive NR or do mono mixes typically look like that?

Mostly NR
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