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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
As well as the utopian place, MS cinephiles is also on TL.
Thanks given by: Stamper
Turisu, perhaps using PM, you might get an invite to paradise island.
I myself have none, sadly.
Thanks given by: Turisu
(2024-01-23, 06:51 PM)uVSthem Wrote:
(2024-01-23, 06:48 PM)onlysleeping23 Wrote: Ok, anybody somebody mind cluing me in on what “the utopian place” is? Definitely feeling like I’m missing out on a great resource

It's a private tracker torrent site. The only way to get access to the site is by an invitation. If you don't know "utopian"place" means, you're most likely not a member.

I am not, sadly. If anybody happens to have a spare invite available (unlikely, I know), I would greatly appreciate it!
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could just put them on archive.org. theres a few on there already.
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(2023-03-22, 05:28 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: Anyone happen to have a rip of any LD release of Dragonslayer? The new UHD only has an Atmos mix.

I have a sealed copy of the widescreen edition of Dragonslayer on LD. I'm new here, but once I figure out a workflow to create a proper audio capture, I'll let you know.
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