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[Help] Armageddon 1998 Laserdisc audio?
I just wanted to rewatch Armageddon and sadly found it absolutely unenjoyable due to the sound. The audio is dynamically compressed a lot, which means that an asteroid crushing into the street isn't really much louder than room-loudness dialogue before.

The audio curve pretty much confirms this, especially the center channel goes in the direction of being brickwalled (I am exaggerating, but considering it's not a music CD, it's a fair comparison I think).

Anybody know of a better audio? I'd like to sync something better to the Blu Ray, because this sounds just flat, boring and sad and doesn't live up to the movie imo.

I've read about the Laserdisc audio of Armageddon supposedly being very good, one mention was on this forum in reference to a Japanese laserdisc (link).

Does anyone have a capture of that? I'd kill for it if it's any better.

Although I guess DVD would be fine too if it doesn't have these issues. 

Still, if the LD is the reference sound, I think it should be synced to the Blu Ray just for preservation purposes.
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The Pioneer Japanese full bitrate DTS DVD was as good as it got for me (and very good it was too), never heard any of the laserdisc tracks though.
Thank goodness for muxing!
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Oh I see. Pardon for misquoting you! Must have read over it in a rush.

Do you happen to still have this track / can you share?
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I have the Japanese DVD of it helps as well as the original US and Criterion DVD’s.
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Im thinking a preservation of the Directors Cut and the Original Theatrical cut.
From what I understand the BD has some changes in the form of Alternative Shots used in a few sequences.

I must say I have a soft spot for this film.
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I have the Criterion U.S. 2 Disc DVD as well.
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Well, whoever is willing to let me have their track, that will be much appreciated. The Japanese one sounds interesting, but contrasting against the Criterion etc. may be useful too, so I can tell which one best suits my intent to have more dynamic range. (easy to tell from audio waveforms).

I guess when it comes to syncing it would be useful to have the entire DVD (for frame-syncing), but I could worry about that once I choose the best track.

My approach would likely be to sync whatever fits, then fill up the rest with the DTS-HD MA audio. Another idea I had was to sync the DTS-HD MA with a better audio dynamic-range-wise and then figure out some technique to "match" the dynamics and kinda "undo the compressing" without losing the fidelity of the DTS-HD MA sound. That would only work if the audio hadn't been significantly altered in other ways tho, like multi-band compressors. So it likely won't work.
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I will rip my Armageddon Criterion audio tonight Tom. I'll get you the link soon.

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(2017-11-09, 01:50 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: I will rip my Armageddon Criterion audio tonight Tom. I'll get you the link soon.


Thanks man! Looking forward.
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"Link expired"

Link for Criterion Armageddon 5.1 for those who want it.

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