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[Request] Criterion Collection Laserdisc Supplements.
I think we should make an effort to develop an archive of Criterion Collection Laserdisc supplements. You know, some of them being exclusives and what have you. The idea was thrown around before, but that hasn't really gotten anywhere. Can it be done?
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I have a Criterion laserdisc rip of Robocop, idk how well the rip is in technicality, but it's all I've got to offer I suppose?
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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I'm looking at picking up Menace II Society soon for the Stereo Mix but also the exclusive extras so will definitely share those.

What are some of the notable discs with exclusives on them?
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If anyone here actually has any Criterion LaserDiscs, I'd love to know.
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I own Menace II Society and the Hughes Bros.' follow up, Dead Presidents on Criterion LD.

Not all of the extras from the Menace.. Criterion were carried over onto the Blu-ray release and none of the DP extras have ever been seen on any subsequent home video version. During the closing moments of the Dead Presidents audio commentary, the Hughes Bros. actually urge people to produce pirate copies of the release, in order for it to be enjoyed by a wider audience than the Criterion consumers.

That made me laugh and I was surprised that Criterion/Voyager actually allowed that exhortation to be included. Then again, on one of The Wire audio commentaries, David Simon thanks people who bought or shoplifted the DVDs. Big Grin
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That's good, that's a good start.
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(2019-02-11, 08:26 AM)JayArgonaut Wrote: I own Menace II Society and the Hughes Bros.' follow up, Dead Presidents on Criterion LD.

Dead Presidents is a great film as well - sre you able/prepared to do captures?
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Not at the moment, I'd love to: I have a stack of LD's that I want to capture and share but focusing on my PhD is my top priority right now. There would be a lot of work involved, especially for the Dead Presidents extras. (On a side note, I can however record and share UK DVB-T/T2 content quickly and easily.)
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Apart from criterion, there are other laserdiscs with exclusive bonus features, never released on DVD.

The series of "Honey, I" (Disney) have making of features on Japanese and HK LD

Edit: I've bought the Japanese LD of "Honey I Shrunk the kids", he don't have bonus (juste some trailer)
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And by the way, someone's already uploaded the original lecture track!

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