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[Help] James Bond Criterion Laserdisc Extras?
Hi All,

I have the commentary tracks for the three bond movies released by Criterion and will be doing blu ray reconstructions of the laserdiscs in the future. However, I don't have any of the other extras from the laserdiscs. 

Dr No:

Dr No dossier - galleries of location photos, publicity stills and movie posters
Original 2.0 Audio
Isolated Music & Effects Audio Track

From Russia With Love:

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. File - galleries of location photo's, publicity stills, covers of rare books, articles, movie posters from FRWL and other 007 films
Original 2.0 Audio


The Goldfinger Vault - location photo's, publicity stills, movie posters from Goldfinger and other Bond films
Original 2.0 Audio
Isolated music and effects audio track

Can anyone with the laserdiscs capture these? 

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These where on the early 00 Criterion LD rips releases, unless I'm mistaken.
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Sorry I'm not sure what those are - are they the set made by fanfiltration? I have managed to grab with music and effects tracks though from archive.org.
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Yes, fanfiltration made a decade plus ago DVD rips of the whole Criterion discs.
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(2019-08-21, 02:25 PM)springfeel Wrote: Much rather see rips of the original audio.

Yes that would be nice, unfortunately I don't have the discs or an LD player anymore. I'll try to track down the fanfiltration rips.
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Got everything now so this is added to the queue of pending projects
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