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[Released] JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition
Update - August 1, 2020: The scope of the project changed from a preservation of an "official" extended version and veered into extended fanedit territory - now titled "JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition" - Winner of fanedit.org's Favorite Edit of the Month for June 2020 https://www.fanedit.org/ridgeshark-wins-...020-feotm/


[Image: Jaws-2-Fanedit.png]

Original Thread Title: JAWS 2 - Extended Edition - 1080p Presentation

I've been chiseling away, trying to bring the deleted scenes of JAWS 2 to the world of 1080p - one way or another.  Currently I have these sources:

1) Personal Recording - an LP speed VHS recorded off TBS circa 1991.  Looks decent, except for some wavy frequency noise in the image.  I can filter this out still retain a fair amount of detail.  A bit handicapped by the LP speed - didn't quite max out the potential resolution a VHS can offer, but still not bad.  Unfortunately, I just discovered that TBS sped up this broadcast and the interlace patterns are all out of wack.  A regular IVTC does not appear possible.

2) Homemade DVD-R (3.94GB) - This is the one that was shared on myspleen and demonoid.  A later recording off TBS.  The actual VHS tape itself appears superior to mine, however there are MPEG-2 Artifacts and a lot of detail has been filtered away.  This is not sped up and runs with the proper telecine interlace patterns that easily allows 24p extraction.  It would be great to get a hold of this VHS and make a new transfer, but I have no idea who created the DVD-R.

3) Brazil TV Recording - Low quality mp4 from a marketplace trader in Brazil.  Frame blended 29.97fps.  Has unique footage not in the US-TV cut.

4) Official Blu-ray and DVD - has a few deleted scenes in 2.35:1 widescreen

My plan is for the presentation to all take place inside the standard 16:9 frame at 1080p.  The 2.35:1 and 1.33:1 footage will remain as-is - no cropping of either.  Not a perfect solution, but preferable to further cropping IMHO.  Here's a proof of concept using the deleted underwater helicopter attack sequence:

How you can help -

1) I would like additional VHS recordings of the US TV Cut since my copies have significant flaws.  I would prefer a higher-quality SP recording.  If nothing turns up, I'll use what I have.

2) Same with the Brazil version - I would prefer to get high quality transfer off the first VHS release by CIC in Brazil that unknowingly featured this longer version.  It's very rare and has yet to turn up on eBay since I first started looking out for it.

3) I need a translator for the few exclusive scenes in the Brazil version.  We'll include those with English subtitles.

4) AviSynth assistance of any kind.

Thanks for looking! Big Grin
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza , Inq81 , teberly

So this is the first deleted scene from the TV Version - presented from my personal copy, and from the DVD-R.  I've tried working through the speedup issues on my copy and have something fairly presentable now.  The DVD-R doesn't have such issues.  I've applied similar cleanup to both.  Wanted to get some opinions on the footage - I'm a bit split
Thanks given by:
I think this is a nice idea; sure, far from perfect, but at the end the sources quality is what it is... the included shot in the youtube clip works quite well even if in 1.33:1 (I do not mind of aspect ratio changing at all!): my suggestion is to color correct it, to resemble more the colors of the rest of the scene.

Good luck! Ok
Thanks given by: RidgeShark
Thank you for the support spoRv! Glad to know there's someone else out there who doesn't mind the switching aspect ratios Smile With smooth audio transitions, I find it very acceptable. And I'll definitely be color correcting.

I just saw on your workprint list that AMC showed the TV version. Any leads on who may have a copy?
Thanks given by:
Indeed, audio transintion seems perfect!

No idea where to find that; maybe a Jaws focused forum or blog could point you in the right direction, who knows!
Thanks given by: RidgeShark
No luck on finding more material via forums, but the hunt is still on. But in other news...

Finally found a method I'm pleased with regarding motion. In the words of Spielberg "I could still see the jerk".

Involves QTGMC to produce a 60p copy, finding a decent setting on MultiDecimate and then go through each shot frame by frame to remove remaining duplicates. I compare it to a IVTC'd copy of the lower quality DVD-R to make sure the frame match is dead-on. Thankfully these tv-only deleted scenes are short, so I don't have to go insane doing manual removal. I will hopefully have a test copy of the whole film in a week or so.
Thanks given by:
You should try Srestore for the framerate conversion.
Thanks given by: RidgeShark

Thank you for the suggestion. Srestore was actually the first thing I tried after creating the 60p, but I could never get it to work on this footage. I've had successes with Srestore in the past, but maybe the pattern from the TBS speedup is just too bizarre? I also tried WeaveMan https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=167875 - it seemed to be designed for such problems, but I couldn't get it to work.

I'd be happy to make the raw footage available if you or anyone else would like to try their hand at it. Smile
Thanks given by:

As things stand now, this will be the most unusual addition to the presentation.  Rare deleted scene from the Brazil version.  Anyone here speak Portuguese?  I'm thinking of including it with subtitles.

Believe it or not, the appearance of this is an improvement over the original mp4 source - low quality over-the-air recording, compressed with low bitrate.  This footage can be improved if we can find the first CIC VHS release from Brazil.
Thanks given by:

So check this out, give me some feedback Smile  These are all my cleaned-up deleted english scenes and their original sources.  The cleaned-up scenes are compiled in 3 different flavors:

1) High Bitrate x264 mp4
2) High Bitrate x265 mp4
3) Lower Bitrate x265 mp4

And the original sources are contained in the following folders:

1) "TV Version Deleted Scenes" for my raw 1.33:1 DV captures
2) "Universal DVD Deleted Scenes" for the raw, non-anamorphic 2.35:1 scenes

Feel free to be nitpicky and to try to improve on my work if you'd like.  Getting these right is the most important thing.

In the meantime, we wait for the Brazil version.  The owner is looking into the price of shipping it to me vs getting it transferred locally.  The good news is, he confirmed the tape is actually NTSC - so I wouldn't have to buy any new equipment.
Thanks given by:

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