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pipefan413 projects
None of these are anywhere near as sophisticated as most of the incredible work that goes on around these parts, but I'm mostly making this thread to keep track of everything myself. I'm trying to do too many things at once, and a lot of them are tasks I don't yet have the skills to do properly, so it's starting to get really complicated. I'll keep this top post updated as things progress.

COMPLETED (pending any future revisions):

STAR WARS: Millions of Voices
A very large and reasonably comprehensive audio archive of the what I believe to be the best available audio for the Star Wars trilogy (1977–1983), including dozens of film audio options in multiple (lossless) formats and a large number of official and unofficial commentary tracks; version 3.0 is due out as soon as some new mixes appear from those actually making them, since I'm only really compiling files for archival and doing lossless decoding/encoding rather than actually editing mixes myself

A very conservative fan edit of Halloween (1978) to add a re-edited 1981 TV version scene as a prologue and restore the original mono audio

HALLOWEEN: A Symphony of Screams
A (comparitively much smaller) audio archive of the different audio tracks for Halloween (1978), including film audio, every official commentary track, and the music & effects only track from LaserDisc

NEAR DARK: a pipefan413 preservation
A presentation of the best available video and audio elements for Near Dark (1987), precisely re-synchronised, without any lossy re-encoding

SNOWPIERCER: preservation and translation
A presentation of the best available video and audio elements for Snowpiercer (2013), precisely re-synchronised, without any lossy re-encoding; also features custom subtitles translating all of the Korean dialogue in the film to English, except for sections that are already translated in the audio, and a large collection of re-synchronised international subtitles from official releases

ANATOMY OF A DEWBACK: upscale and framing correction
This is "done" except that I'm honestly not sure what the more "correct" framing is for this, because sources are few and all of them are terrible... once I decide, I'll declare it finished with and move on with my life (please help me)


ハチ公物語 (The Story of Hachikō): translation and audio repair
A presentation of the best available video and audio elements for ハチ公物語 (1987), with a new English subtitle translation which is taking me a long time to work through both due to the difficulty of doing this with my level of Japanese and the number of other things that I keep getting distracted with; the original Japanese audio is only available on one Blu-ray release, and even that is flawed (not least because of a big horrid audio glitch a few mins in that I'll need to fix)

TERMINATOR 2: theatrical audio mix re-sync to 2015 US Blu-ray Disc
This has already been done to most likely a higher standard than I'd manage (the AC-3 by @jonno and the DTS decoded to FLAC by @Chewtobacca) but I'm still interested in syncing the audio off the OOP 2008 2-disc French BD (DTS-HD MA 5.1) and the OOP 2003 Japanese DVD (1509 kbps DTS, but without decoding if possible) to the 2015 US BD and maybe the 2017 one but I can't see me wanting to watch that again. I'm up to my neck in missing frames at the moment, with all sorts of ridiculous screw-ups on every release (except the 2015 US BD which is actually pretty OK for the most part, but lacks the theatrical audio).


THE EXORCIST: The Version You've Almost Seen
An extended theatrical-and-then-some version of The Exorcist, with an audio mix more closely resembling the original presentation but with some of the additional scenes incorporated from the extended "Version You've Never Seen" cut with colour corrections to make the transitions somewhat less apparent

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: audio re-sync / repair
This may end up being done by someone else because I'm trying to do too much at once but would at its simplest involve just patching over a gap in the CLV LaserDisc audio, or at most, potentially a full new cleanup, restoration and re-sync of 35 mm optical audio

BASKET CASE: re-stabilisation reinstating Analysis Film Releasing Corporation logo to the MOMA restoration
As described in the linked thread, the UK version of this film from Second Sight suffers from very very bad stabilisation on hard cuts such that the image is knocked out of position for about 3 or 4 frames on almost every single cut, but the US Arrow release doesn't have that issue. However, it does have a different issue (minor, but annoying): it's missing the Analysis Film Releasing Corporation logo from the very start. The logo does appear on the earlier scan for the Image Entertainment / Second Sight releases, so I'm looking to reframe that to fill the same aspect ratio as the Arrow version of the video (no stretching or cropping, just adding pixels around the edges) and stick it on the start of the later restoration, after chopping off the extra text from the start of the later release.

DOG SOLDIERS: audio repair and possibly full restoration from multiple sources
At least, this will hopefully fix the messed up audio on the German UHD release; at best, it will also restore the video to the correct levels (since they appear to be wrong and the blacks are washed out to hell), fix the colours, re-grain the image so that cuts between negative elements and lower-quality sources are less distracting, and stabilisation of hard cuts if needed (same problem as Basket Case above apparently, though I've yet to see any myself)

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