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List of all projects released by spoRv
List of all projects released by spoRv; if revised versions were released, only the last one is listed.

[Fundamental Collection]: latest projects, restorations, best versions; always multilanguage
[spoRv]: previous projects, restorations, always multilanguage
[spoRv] *: recent ones, color regrading and extended versions; usually only original language
[ruLes]: first projects, preservations, using only laserdiscs as video sources; always multilanguage

LAST EDIT: 2017-12-26

40 projects, so far... not bad, isn't true? Wink
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Nice work! Any plan on revisiting the Star Was LD restores?
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Thanks! You know, I think often about this, and, even if I know it's a titanic task, I would like to put my hands on it again; that's because not only I'm a fool, but also thanks to new techniques I learned during the past months, that *maybe* help.
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f_align would work for this?
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(2017-12-17, 07:36 PM)Stamper Wrote: f_align would work for this?

What is it? And, applied to what, in particular? There are so much work to do with that project... I can't even remember what, but I can say I'd love to see the B&W scenes decently colorized.
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F_align is in nuke, it automaticaly align similar images so that you can make composites. I was guessing you used this when mixing up different sources.
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(2017-12-17, 08:51 PM)Stamper Wrote: F_align is in nuke, it automaticaly align similar images so that you can make composites. I was guessing you used this when mixing up different sources.

Nope, the usual ancient avisynth and manual settings... Big Grin

At least, until our new member would publish its automated avisynth align script... I'd love to test it!!!
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