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[Retired] Twin Dragons desaturation and colour correction.
Edit: RETIRED. See my last post in this thread.

Hello all,

This one was originally intended to be a simple colour correction (to mostly fix the saturation that appears intermittently throughout the film e.g. throughout the hospital scene); also adding and syncing a good mono track and subs based on those from the Joy Sales DVD. 

Somewhere along the line, it got a bit bigger in scope. The video went through a few different revisions. I used elements from the Joy Sales DVD and HK laserdisc for the colour correction - but I also consulted a few different releases of the HK version and the Miramax blu-ray. One choice I did make was to dial back the blue tint in some scenes. Only because a lot of the HK releases were so heavily tinted that it made particular scenes so hard to discern. It might have been the case that the tint was intended to be that prominent, but it obscured a lot of details:

Compare this shot of Maggie Cheung from the Joy Sales DVD:
[Image: VN1Dla0.jpg]

with this one from the render:
[Image: nkd5G9j.jpg]

Like I said, I don't know that it's 100% accurate but it shows a bit more detail, IMO.

Here are some other shots:
[Image: ZLA5QZ8.jpg]

[Image: cF0YsJ0.jpg]

The video was rendered in Resolve and Hybrid, encoded at the original bitrate.

Now, the audio. Here's where the scope got bigger.

Originally when we started we had the Cantonese mono from the Japanese blu-ray, a pitch-corrected 5.1, and the original English dub. What we ended up with is as follows:
  • Cantonese mono with HK music cues
  • Cantonese mono with HK music cues (Jackie Chan's 'My Feeling' playing over the end credits - at least one early DVD release featured this so we wanted to include it as an option)
  • Cantonese mono with Japanese music cues
  • Cantonese surround stereo remix (from the HK laserdisc - thanks to pipefan413)
  • Cantonese 5.1 (pitch corrected)
  • Mandarin surround stereo remix (from the HK laserdisc - thanks to pipefan413)
  • Original English dub
  • Original English dub with Barbara and Boss Wing's duet replaced by the song used in the Cantonese track (a The Film Whisperer custom)
  • Hybrid Original/Miramax English dub (a The Film Whisperer custom)
One thing we weren't able to get was a good sounding version of the Mandarin mono, so if anyone has one feel free to get in touch and we'll add it to a revision down the line.

English for Cantonese track
English for Cantonese track (with added subtitles for 'My Feeling' thanks to Sing Lung Sings)
English for original English dub (mostly just translates titles)
English for original English dub (The Film Whisperer custom)

Thanks to The Film Whisperer for 99.9% of the audio sync (if you're keen to check out his other work, his channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCui5KbF...nUX1sWVu_A), Butcher Wing for supplying some of the audio tracks, Tonecapone for the Universe Laser DVD and last but not least our own pipefan413 for supplying captures of the HK and Japanese laserdiscs. All of which proved invaluable. 

Owing to the number of audio tracks (The Film Whisperer encoded them at 24 bit to ensure retention of quality) this one is a bit of a hefty download. All that said, contributing members feel free to PM for a Mega link. I just ask for patience if bandwidth is low when you access it.

We might also be doing a composite using the Miramax print too, just to see how it'd look. But this thing has been in the works long enough that I wanted to get it out there in some form.
Thanks given by: PDB , pipefan413 , Giger , NeonBible , RedSun61524 , Falcon
Oh damn, nice one!

Did you end up getting the bits you wanted from the start of the German BD? I didn't realise you were going to release this imminently, was going to send as soon as I could but been busy with other forum/Life Stuff.
Thanks given by:
All good on that one! No worries.

My collaborator noticed a sync error in one of the tracks, but as I'd already uploaded the file, I plan to upload the corrected track separately and will inform which track it is so it can be muxed in and replace the one with the sync error.
Thanks given by:
Congrats on finishing Serums!
Thanks given by:
Much appreciated, PDB!
Thanks given by:
Looks good. A watchable way of seeing the original dub. What is a contributing member? I am new.
Thanks given by:
That looks really amazing
Thanks given by:
(2021-06-03, 10:29 PM)Bisaju1981 Wrote: Looks good. A watchable way of seeing the original dub. What is a contributing member? I am new.
Welcome to Fanres. Keep posting and contributing to threads, even if you're not posting projects of your own. It's always helpful to have input/feedback from other members.

(2021-06-05, 12:10 AM)tjmackey Wrote: That looks really amazing
Thank you! It turned out quite well IMO.
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Wow can I get a link please ? its one of my all time fav movies
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Any chance i could get this please?
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