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Beauty and the Beast (1991) original theatrical reconstruction
I'm redoing this post to make it more understandable and because the title was no longer relevant.

I want to recreate BatB with a similar look like on theater in 1991.
For the 2002 Special Edition release, there have been many change.

-Wrong Background at 8min30 and 56min30
-Armchair disapear at 31min23
-Color have changed a lot.

This project will use UHD Blu-ray as a base, as well as different sources, such as Blu-Ray 3D on certain scenes.

Or scenes from the 35mm scan.

The colors will also be reviewed.

BD and UHD do not have colors consistent with the original.
Blu-Ray 3D is the closest version to the original Caps files, but it still received some changes.
The 35mm copy is not "compliant with the original caps files" but I will still use it as a reference since it is close to the experience we had in VHS or LD.
I would use for color reference an average of 50% 3D BD and 50% 35mm.

For the 35mm project, it's on this page:
Beauty and the Beast (1991) 35mm (help needed) (fanrestore.com)

8min30 :
Original Background:

Imax 2002/BD/3D/UHD Background:

Background recreation (from elements on UHD) :

56min30 :
This error is present on UHD and BD, even when viewing in Theatrical Version.
Only the BD 3D doesn't have this problem.

Theatrical 1991 / VHS / LD / BD 3D

LD : 

Imax SE 2002 / DVD / BD / UHD :

BD 3D :

Gaston’s missing chair (31min23):


3D :

Project progress :

• Remade the good background at 0:08:30
-Isolate Belle on all frames of this scene (DONE)
-Recreation of the original background in 4k (WIP) 

• Using the scene at 56min30 from the BD 3D to replace that on UHD
-Expand the space of BD3D (1.66) to get a 1.78 ratio (DONE)

• Replace the armchair (WIP)

• Replace some UHD scenes with 3D BD scenes that have more image (WIP)

• Replace the 3D logo castle opening, for the 80-90's logo castle (WIP)
-Find the best source for the 80-90's logo castle (for the moment, I've found the best on "The Black Cauldron" UHD Web DL)

• Change Color Timing (WIP)
Thanks given by: eldiablosuizo

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