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[Idea] Theatrical Forced Subtitle Style Reconstruction

(im not sure if this is the right section for this project but it doesnt look to fit cleanly anywhere so ill just put it here for now, and if need be i can repost in a different section; this is just at the idea/prototype phase rn)

so one thing that i occasionally notice, watching a Blu-ray after having seen a theatrical release is the forced subtitles style. Blu-ray subtitles use a bitmap (i.e. image based) format, which is very versatile and can basically replicate any kind of subtitle style. this makes it ever more annoying when they seemingly don't put effort into retaining style (font, size, etc.) that is presented in theatrical releases. and so, my idea is to (attempt to) reconstruct forced stylised subtitles for releases which the style did not make it to the home release

Sony seems to be a big perpetrator, with the 2 examples i have done as prototypes both being from Sony, and it seems to link back to their use of forced subtitle elements within a standard full subtitle track (created with a unified, standard style) compared to having a dedicated subtitle track for the forced subs (or alternating style within a track).

for my first example, i looked to Uncharted (2022), namely because it inexplicably contains non-burned forced subs for foreign dialogue and burned sub for foreign onscreen text.

forced Blu-ray subs:
[Image: P8fDg3b.png]

burned on-screen text:
[Image: lsPVtD4.png]

and so, this offered an opportunity to replicate the burned text style for the forced dialogue, like so:

[Image: A1qpiR1.png]

now, this is not a pixel perfect reconstruction; i also went non-italic for the dialogue and placed the subs lower down in the frame. but it does its job imo.

i also have tried with Bullet Train (also 2022 lol). for this one i found no reference, but i saw it in the cinema a few times so im pretty sure its close.

[Image: TTsZioU.png]

again the idea is not necesarily to get it pixel perfect (although if good reference exists i will most certainly try) but to get close enough as to invoke the style and maintain the vibe, if that makes sense.

my release of the mummy trilogy has this issue so im planning to look into that, and of course if anyone wants to contribute i think thatd be cool, there's tons of films i haven't seen which i imagine some of which have this issue.

for now, all my subs are in the ASS format, im gonna use these for my media server so i dont need to bother with format stuff as much, but i may look into re-inserting these back into a BDMV format for disc based consumption.

any thoughts/ideas regarding this project idea, feel free to share!  Smile
Thanks given by: Red41804
Great idea for a project, always bothers me when studios do this.
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