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(Request) The Shining VHS Rip
I am looking for a VHS or LD rip of The Shining. I'm thinking of a potential regrade of the UHD based on the original colors as well as recreating the end original credits and mono mix as well as the original WB logo and the 4:3 ratio. I would appreciate mostly the original 1981 release although up to the 2001 release is fine. Thank you to everyone in advance. Also while I'm aware of the 1999 and 2001 DVD releases of the film, I just think that VHS looks better for this film.
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I'm gonna join you also in this request, i wanna also watch VHS/LD rip. I got the '01 German 4:3 PAL DVD. I could easy grained, color graded and rip it in 24fps with mono sound. But I'm not sure if can i pick the right colour palette. I don't care about the WB logo and the ending credits. And for the '99 DVD i think it's early cheap 35mm copy attempt from WB to cash in. That's why 2 years later they restored.
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