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Ali 2001 best version?
Hi all, just tried to watch this on prime and netflix and it looks SD and terrible, know there are different cuts but is there a good looking release?
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(2023-01-15, 02:44 PM)dvdmike Wrote: Hi all, just tried to watch this on prime and netflix and it looks SD and terrible, know there are different cuts but is there a good looking release?

I've been meaning to rewatch this on Blu since I've only ever seen the theatrical version. There's 3 cuts though: TC, DC, and the Commemorative edition. I don't think the DC is available anywhere in HD (it's 2 hours 45min). Amazon lists their streaming version as the DC but based on time it matches up with the shorter CE. The CS

You've got multiple international options for the TC on Blu and then there's the US/Canada CE which is the only version I have. It looks solid:

Times change,” director Michael Mann says of what prompted him to revisit his 2001 Muhammad Ali biopic “Ali” for a “commemorative edition” Blu-ray. The new cut hits shelves today, on what would have been Ali’s 75th birthday. “What I was interested in, particularly now, was making more tangible the forces that were raised against him, all his adversaries, and linking them in a strong way.”

A director’s cut of the film was released in 2004, injecting eight-and-a-half minutes of material that both amplified the political strife of the times and deepened Ali’s kinship with sports journalist Howard Cosell, among other things. For the new release, Mann has pulled some of those Cosell elements back while keeping the political material in tact, shaving and trimming elsewhere for the shortest cut yet — though one still clocking in at a robust 151 minutes.
Thanks given by: dvdmike

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