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[Cancelled] Evil Dead Regrade (Japanese Herald Laserdisc)
[Image: zOtF4bf.jpg]

Project Info:

Since I finished a project for ED2 and AOD:


I'd thought I swing around and take on a Evil Dead project. Rather then upscale, I would use the 4:3 HD transfer and the colors from the Japanese Herald Laserdisc.


The Japanese LD has a unique blue color timing unlike any of the DVD or HD transfers. Unfortunately, there is some pink/magneta symptomatic of an old transer on it which I will have to remove (see pics). Also I will attempt to put back in as many "mistakes" as possible that were digitally removed over the years.

The BD video color corrected shot-by-shot the the Japanese Herald laserdisc's unique color timing

1. PCM 2.0 Mono (from the analog track on the JPN LD)

Pics and Video:

BD/Regrade to LD
[Image: KxEL3j4.jpg]

BD/BD Regraded to the LD/Regrade Corrected
[Image: IbtpNtA.jpg]

Top Left:BD/Bottom Right: Regrade
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon , spoRv , Dahlia761
Nice results!

About patching upscaled SD onto HD: it's quite an hard task; did you make a comparison of patch/upscaled? Sometimes a few seconds upscaled SD pass unnoticed, and would be very easy to make instead. Just my 2c! Wink
Thanks given by:
Another awesome fix. I know See No Evil did some despecialization work for his Book of the Dead Special Features disc, maybe that could be used as a reference.
Thanks given by:
Nice! Judging by what I've seen of the Herald version, it actually looks like I'd imagine an 80s theatrical print would look (again, judging by the theatrical prints I've seen of 80s movies, including ED2).
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@spoRv: I've done some matting SD to HD before so I'm not a total novice but you never know. The heavy grain will help in this case but I'll go to upscaling if needed (which I will assume will be a fair amount)

@Falcon: I'm using his LD cap and his other projects including the Book Of the Dead as reference. I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

@Servo: No idea how accurate it is but it does make for a fun alternative look.
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Of course I'm aware you are not a novice; but it's still quite difficult to perfectly do a "patchwork" when using different editions - maybe we have talked before about eventual difference in angle, perspective etc. - that's why I suggested the "easy" way! Wink

Well, I'm sure you would obtain the best result whatever technique you'll use! Ok
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That was sarcasm about the novice part. I have no problem upscaling for the missing parts but let's try the harder way first. You never know.
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My favourite version of this film
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BTW someone put this comparison together on YouTube:

You can see the differences but also the magenta in the skies I have to fix.
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