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[Help] Mission Impossible 2 theatrical DTS
does anyone have the DTS CD ROM's for the theatrical releaseĀ of Mission Impossible 2? preferably from the UK

trying to confirm if there was someĀ audio censorship to the film.
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Not related to this thread, but as I don't think it worths to start a new one only for this info, I want to share it here: MI2 on UHD has a different color grading and frame size...
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Well, we could tie those lose ends by discussing any mix differences, the UHD might come with, in this thread, then. Smile

Regarding the Cinema DTS, I could be of help (thanks to "Soundman", in order to give "due credit"), but I don't know which country it comes from.

Would be looking for the Cinema DTS of the first Mission Impossible vice versa, by the way.
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