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Proposal: The James Cameron Project
The previous 4K scan is the one already available on streaming i believe


I also believe this was the basis for the Crowseyes HD version.
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Bilbofett, where are you getting this 2008 year from
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There are so modifications in the Abyss new scan, mostly any shot where someone talks on a tube TV has a grid applied to the image, giving it a weird digital vibe.
Cameron had done this on all his films, Terminator has some of these tweaks, also T2 (Sarah confession before she attacks Silberman).
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There was a good YouTube live stream with Bill Hunt from The Digital Bits on Midnight's Edge YouTube channel where they talked about the Caeron 4k releases for a good deal of it.
Lots of interesting details, some already in this thread, some they seem sure of that we don't.
Looks like the video is gone now though.
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(2023-11-20, 08:50 AM)zoidberg Wrote: Bilbofett, where are you getting this 2008 year from

from Vudu

[Image: PP4xd51.jpg]
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