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[Released] Turbulence Special Edition
[Image: d12Tuwzl.jpg]

Another movie that is lacking an official blu ray release, just in time for Christmas. I looked at a few different digital versions but went with an Amazon webrip due to quality and framing. I then did some processing in Avisynth, dehaloing, cleaning, slight sharpening etc. A 3D LUT was then applied to reduce the amount of red, due to the CRT nature of the master. Finally the grain pattern was matched from Alien Ressurection in After Effects, which according to imdb was shot on the same negative stock.

In terms of audio there is the English Cinema DTS Track and the Laserdisc PCM (thanks to AC3). The Cinema DTS levels have been adjusted correctly, the 27ms delay has been baked in and all processing was done in Izotope with selective dithering.

Massive thanks to @MrBrown for sourcing the Dutch DVD for me, which has a bunch of exclusive extra features. Also thanks to @Inq81 for testing the audio.
  • BD25 with animated menus, background video, pop up menus and resume function
  • 1080P AVC Video
  • English 5.1 Cinema DTS (DTS-HD)
  • English 2.0 Laserdisc PCM (Thanks AC3)
  • English Subtitles
  • Featurette
  • B Roll Footage
  • Interviews with Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly, Hector Elizondo, Robert Butler, David Valdes & Richard Edlund
  • Bobbie Wygant Interview
  • Conan O'Brien Interview
  • Theatrical Trailer

PM me for the links, contributing/long term members only please. Contributing means active members of the forum who post and/or make their own projects - i.e. not newbies who have never posted a single thread.

High Resolution cover and disc art available from @Pineapples101 Here.

Before (left) / After Dehalo:

[Image: X4NRZD0l.png]

Before (top) / After Color Correction:

[Image: MYsgiNNl.png]
[Image: 0IAq5l6l.png]


[Image: Ubgj7vul.png]
[Image: 3tSd0T1l.png]
[Image: O2Qr8rSl.png]
[Image: pwaUyXbl.png]
[Image: HKRlkHQl.png]


[Image: OBXz03Ol.jpg]
[Image: vxWZ2Rfl.jpg]
[Image: Q19Kmccl.jpg]
Congrats on the project AC.
Thanks given by: alleycat
I can't believe this hasn't arrived on Blu-Ray yet! But how many times have we said this around here? Big Grin Looks like a lot of work and care went into this. Nice stuff, Alleycat!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
Thanks given by: alleycat

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