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[Released] Hard Rain Special Edition
[Image: 0XILyodl.jpeg]

Hard Rain has been released on blu ray but the color grading is very different from the DVD. I personally much prefer the DVD look, it's darker which I feel fits with a movie set entirely at night and it has lots of rich blues. I used curves and lumetri color in Premiere to adjust the grading of the blu ray so that it better resembles the DVD. Note this is not a shot for shot regrade project, it is not a perfect match for the DVD because I did not feel the DVD was perfect throughout. This is my own personal regrade, using the DVD as an indication.

In terms of audio there is the English Cinema DTS Track. The Cinema DTS levels have been adjusted correctly, the 27ms delay has been baked in and all processing was done in Izotope with selective dithering.

Finally all the extras have been ported over from the German release. Thanks to @MrBrown for sending that over.
  • BD25 with animated menus, background video, pop up menus and resume function
  • 1080P AVC Video
  • English 5.1 Cinema DTS (DTS-HD)
  • English Subtitles
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Interviews with Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman, Minnie Driver and Mikael Salomon
  • Theatrical Trailer

PM me for the links, contributing/long term members only please. Contributing means active members of the forum who post and/or make their own projects - i.e. not newbies who have never posted a single thread.

High Resolution cover and disc art available from @Pineapples101 Here.

Color Correct examples, original first and corrected after:

[Image: LyUkKUfl.png]
[Image: sQvCq5jl.png]

[Image: qHfr7oHl.png]
[Image: 7uMGRhTl.png]

[Image: GpikHIsl.png]
[Image: cXFQxgQl.png]

[Image: 9QJzP3fl.png]
[Image: VKQf8XBl.png]

[Image: 20Sv3KOl.png]
[Image: T2zfclEl.png]

Menu Images:

[Image: mM7gk3fl.png]

[Image: Yjbe4Z3l.png]

[Image: KtCGx8El.png]

Just to clarify this is a project that I have made for myself which I am choosing to share. If you don't like the project, if you think it should have been done differently then feel free to keep that to yourself and consider doing your own project.
Awesome! I dig the darker look you've gone for.
Thanks given by: alleycat
In fact, the idea of ​​the film is quite interesting, it has been waiting for a good remaster for a long time, the transfers that exist are simply terrible, although Open Matte is no worse in quality than discs, but the transfer is the same.
Thanks given by: alleycat
Yeah, definitely like the blues of your regrade better alleycat
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon , alleycat

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